12 July, 2010


This took a lot of thought... Not jumping into anything this time lol. And also not going into a great amount of detail on here because I already did there... 

I'm moving this blog over to Wordpress. All my posts are over there, all my contacts are over there, etc. Thankfully it was very easy to do. Nothing will be lost. Nothing is wrong lol. I'm just switching sites.

Hopefully it won't cause any problems.. Sorry for yet another switch. I almost didn't do it because of that.. but its what I needed to do so yeah. I'll see you over there!

10 July, 2010

Going Places

Aww.. I got an award from Rainy Days & Mondays. We just met (via blog of course lol) recently and I'm really enjoying both reading her blog and her comments on mine.

Anyways, the "rules" of this award are:

Make an acceptance speech, talking about where you see yourself in the next 10 years, as well as finding 10 other deserving folks for this reward.
Sigh.. 10 years. Kalila will be just a few months shy of officially being a teenager... So I'm probably going to be pulling my hair out where ever I am. Zavier will be 10. Hopefully we'll have a few more children or so... LOL Hopefully we'll have had our last baby by then because I really don't "want" to be going through all that at that point or later. :-) Baba will be out of school... I would like to either be teaching at a Catholic school or looking into becoming a doula and/or NFP counselor. Yes I know those are completely opposite ends of things, but... all things that bounce around in my head lol. All completely impractical at the moment too, but in 10 years maybe... 
Ok.. 10 people now. 

09 July, 2010

RearZ Take 1

Yeah... It definitely needs some extra inserts.

Part of the problem may have been that Baba left one side kinked a little, but either way the diaper was soaked through this morning to the point his whole sleeper was wet. Poor thing. 

Either way I did get a really cute picture of him in it lol. He loves being changed and Kalila was there so he was even more smiley than normal.

08 July, 2010

Where's the Mustard?

Can I just say I hate mosquitos? Seriously... I've never had much of a problem with them before, not even when I went to Tanzania. They just don't like me... I may get bit once or twice if I'm particularly unlucky... 

But the other night I sat outside on the swing... and I'm covered. Seriously covered. Both arms (although one is worse, has about 20 bites on it), both legs, my back, my stomach, hands, feet... Its ridiculous. I don't understand why they went after me like that. 

Poor Kalila has some too, thankfully not as many and most of hers are going away (she got bit before I did). Zavier has avoided getting bit at all thankfully. Of course he's just not outside as much lol. I don't think Baba's had a problem with them either, but I could be wrong... 

Beyond all that.. We're still adjusting to Kalila wanting to go to school. I was definitely more prepared this week... and got a few pics on Monday. That third one was the "butterfly" she drew.. she was very proud of it lol. 

Got some others the last time it rained (not today) too that I just love. 

And Zavier's as cute as ever. Got some pics of him working on sitting up, "standing" and playing with his toys..

Plus a couple from earlier today. 

As you can see the kids are both doing well lol. 

Kalila is in this "princess" phase where she has to be in dresses (and calls them her princess dresses). Still gets just as messy as always, but has to be in a dress. She's also stopped saying she wants to be a dr or midwife... Yesterday she told me she works in a school. I asked if she was a teacher and she said no, just a princess. 

And Zavier's growing... working hard on trying to sit himself up lol. He loves his new play mat. "Talks" to us a lot more (the little baby sounds) and has started laughing too.. So cute. I need to get video's, but batteries need recharging. I've been using my phone lately and the video on it won't upload. 

Baba's been working a crazy amount of overtime... and his days off changed to Tues/Weds. And I'm mostly trying to keep up with the kids lol. Trying to get the house unpacked still too... but mostly just chasing kids. And getting eaten alive of course..

06 July, 2010

More Mail

Got two things in the mail today... 

The first comes w/ no picture. The Soap Nuts I won from Eco Nuts. I had to laugh when I opened the box because they left me a note apologizing for being out of the sample size that I won... instead they sent me the next size up and apologized for any inconvenience it caused me. Inconvenience?  I guess for the extra loads of laundry I'll get to do lol. 

The other was the Rearz diaper. 

First impression? Eh... It was the cheapest of the diapers I got so no complaints. Now if I'd paid the original price (was cut in half) that might be different. I'm glad I didn't get two like I'd planned though. I can get past the orange colour obviously. It really isn't that bad even if it wouldn't be my first choice. 

I like that it has a cute pattern on the inside, although I wish we'd had more of a choice (or any choice)... in the picture online it looked like it would be an orange or red pattern and its very pink. That might have been a deal breaker if I'd known. Baba was not thrilled about that either. It is a soft cotton, not as soft as the Katydid's but still nice, so that's a plus. 

I like that the inserts snap together and to the diaper inside its pocket... I didn't unsnap them in the picture, just pulled them out so you can kinda see how it does... But they're very thin. Same pattern as the inside of the diaper and look like the same material. I have a feeling we'll be adding inserts... 

Now, on the other hand, there is one thing I love about these. They have gussets! I love gussets. 

I'm hoping that I end up loving this diaper... Right now not so much, but a lot of it is just the look of it. The thinness of the inserts is really the only major issue... and it may be nothing. And if it is there are all the other inserts we have around here that can be substituted (even if they don't snap in the same) or added to these.

Vax Info - Rotovirus?

First off disclaimer... I am NOT telling anyone not to get this (would be silly since we are getting it) or how to do vaccinations lol.  Just passing on some info I just got, that I'm really glad was passed to me (esp after the whole dairy/Kalila thing). 

One of my friends has a little one Zavier's age. Like him she just got a round of shots. Later that day she had mucusy poo and some blood. In BF babies (well the blood in any baby of course) this can be a sign of something going on. They found out the next day or so that she was not sick (thankfully) and were told to cut dairy... since those are big indicators of a dairy allergy. Long story short she kept looking and found that there are a bunch of families that had this happen immediately after vaccinations and were told it was dairy. Interesting. 

I got curious and pulled out my Dr. Sears Vax book and found "mild intestinal infection" as a symptom of the Rotovirus vax. Obviously that's not a huge horrible reaction... We're still gonna get Zavier this vax in a couple weeks... but it does explain (or could explain) why some babies are showing these signs after getting it.  Its something to watch for... and if it happens see if it passes before letting them put me on a dairy free diet (honestly I think I'd cry at this point if I had to mess w/ that all over again lol).

04 July, 2010

Happy 4th!

Well.. Baba had to work. Tia Sallie & Uncle Bud ended up not coming over. But I still made my pie and we ended up having a fun night anyway.  

Gido took Kalila for a walk while I baked the pie...

I know the stars are a little off... Why I thought I could cut them out when I can't even draw one I have no idea lol. It was fun though and smells great. And its my first pie ever, so I'm not expecting much lol.

When it was done I took Zavier and started over to the neighbors. Two diff ones were having nini's outside and I ended up at the "wrong one" lol. As soon as I crossed the street one of them met me and led me to her place. The others had invited us earlier. Anyways I got to visit w/ them for awhile and headed over to the others after Gido and Kalila got there. We could see the fireworks from there, prob could have from our backyard too but it was nice meeting people and watching Kalila play with the kids. Plus she went nuts over the fireworks. What wasn't cool was little miss snuck a soda again... I managed to catch her about half way through it. Someone tried to feed Zavier too, but thankfully I caught her telling someone first. But yeah, other than that it was nice.. I wish Baba could have been here... but... He should be home soon. 

And completely random, Kalila was telling me that the dragon was scaring her tonight... on the pack n play? Yeah.. no dragon there. 

:-D Yay! Baba's home now... Gotta run!