06 July, 2010

Vax Info - Rotovirus?

First off disclaimer... I am NOT telling anyone not to get this (would be silly since we are getting it) or how to do vaccinations lol.  Just passing on some info I just got, that I'm really glad was passed to me (esp after the whole dairy/Kalila thing). 

One of my friends has a little one Zavier's age. Like him she just got a round of shots. Later that day she had mucusy poo and some blood. In BF babies (well the blood in any baby of course) this can be a sign of something going on. They found out the next day or so that she was not sick (thankfully) and were told to cut dairy... since those are big indicators of a dairy allergy. Long story short she kept looking and found that there are a bunch of families that had this happen immediately after vaccinations and were told it was dairy. Interesting. 

I got curious and pulled out my Dr. Sears Vax book and found "mild intestinal infection" as a symptom of the Rotovirus vax. Obviously that's not a huge horrible reaction... We're still gonna get Zavier this vax in a couple weeks... but it does explain (or could explain) why some babies are showing these signs after getting it.  Its something to watch for... and if it happens see if it passes before letting them put me on a dairy free diet (honestly I think I'd cry at this point if I had to mess w/ that all over again lol).


katharine said...

oh man...thank you for posting this! I about had a breakdown today about mucusy baby poop...ok...too much to comment on...time to

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

The contamination issues with Rotavirus vaccine were enough to scare me away. Plus, my pediatrician said that BF babies are unlikely to catch it as young infants, and if they do the infection is much less severe. Honestly, all this vaccine debate stuff can drive once crazy! It's so much to keep track of.

MK said...

Katharine - Sorry! I hope in your case it was the vax lol. Hope he's doing better.

Stacy/Fahiima - No kidding. Ours is very pro vax all around, we're gonna have issues when the whole Chicken Pox thing comes up again because she's unhappy with us even questioning it. Thankfully we were on the same page about flu and swine flu.. The first only because I'm a SAHM and Kalila isn't in school, but her reaction to us refusing the other endeared her to us for life just about lol.

Anyways, this was one I hadn't really questioned beyond it being contaminated for awhile. Your pedi has a good point, but between a fight w/ ours and my husband wanting our kids to have 99% of the vaccines (and I agree, just not as strongly as him) I'm not sure its worth the fight. At least not for a little mucusy poo... If it was worse... I don't know. Between this and reading the section on it again its about driving me crazy now lol.