09 July, 2010

RearZ Take 1

Yeah... It definitely needs some extra inserts.

Part of the problem may have been that Baba left one side kinked a little, but either way the diaper was soaked through this morning to the point his whole sleeper was wet. Poor thing. 

Either way I did get a really cute picture of him in it lol. He loves being changed and Kalila was there so he was even more smiley than normal.


Sole Sister said...

Aw, cute and dry. I love the orange, I am so excited to dry these.

You got an award MK, come on over and pick it up.

MK said...

Thanks! I'll get that posted asap :-)

One upside to these for you is that they're a Canadian company. I'm really not sure I care for them though... Love the gussets, but they did not stop it from leaking this first time. I've never had a diaper (well cloth one) leak on our first time in before. I'm hoping it was user error (99% of our cloth leaks have been from that.. the rest from us being too hard on some of our older ones), but we'll see how it goes with better inserts. I may have to only use it during the day.

Anonymous said...

He is too cute! He looks alot like Kalila in his face in this picture.

Rae said...

At least he likes being changed!