02 July, 2010

Line Drying In The Rain

Went to line dry our diapers this morning and found this... 

Kinda hard to see in that shot, so here's another I got closer up.

Yes.. a goofy thing to get a pic of but I thought it looked really cool.. esp seeing the whole thing covered in them. 

Backing up a little bit... Yes our line nini is rigged up a bit. It needs to be cemented in but there are so many more important things to get done here... so as long as it works.. no complaints! 

Our drier is still out. Joy. Thankfully it does tumble (if not heat) so I can soften up the diapers after they dry outside. And Gido got his dryer hooked up the other day, so on days like today we can borrow his... which we did for Baba's jeans. The diapers I prefer on the line, so I chanced that today obviously and thankfully it hasn't rained again yet lol.

Why I prefer the diapers outside? The sunning thing really does help keep away stains. Yes prefolds are covered w/ covers (and then clothes on top of that usually lol) and they are clean.. which is the most important part. But... is nice to have them look that way too. 

And on the sillier side, its cute to see the covers all lined up.

I wish I'd gotten a picture before Kalila started doing so well on potty training cause she's got red & orange covers.. There was one day we had em all out there and I was just itching to take a pic lol. No batteries though. Oh well.  

Speaking of covers... and pockets fall in the same category.. less wear and tear this way. So another advantage.  

Anyways, time to get back to work...


Rae said...

I love the pictures. I think that the raindrops on the line is both beautiful and interesting.