25 June, 2010

Wow That Was Fast!

I love getting mail lol... 

The other day the FG order of diaper covers came in. Size 2 Duo Wraps, velcro this time... I haven't decided if I like them in velcro or snap better. Still nice and I was so excited to see them. Mail, diapers, and free all wrapped together = one happy mama. 

Then right after that I saw that Zavier's Baptism gown shipped... 

Then Baba ok'd another FG order... mostly pocket diapers for Zavier to wear at night but also another pail liner. Trying a few brands we haven't before... Katydid's, Rumparoos, & Rearz. Leaves us w/ about 36 dollars in credit there... and I can't even imagine when/how we'll spend that, but I am very excited about the prospect of more diapers. 

Then I got an email that the last FG order left from before shipped.. Toddler sized prefolds. I can't wait for them to come... as much as I want Kalila to potty train, she is still wearing diapers part time & the ones we have are getting small. And we figure Zavier will prob need the larger size when he moves up lol. 

And today.. much earlier than I expected I opened the door to find this: 

Ok obviously I brought it inside before I took the pictures lol.  And yes I'm goofy and wanted a pic of the box... if you're wondering the phone is so no one can get our address off the pic. Not cool. 



Not sure when we'll get pics of him actually in it yet. Waiting for Baba to let me know if he's called his brother about the date yet... and then I have to call the Church. Which should have been done days ago but yeah... 

Still... Excited :-D

Oh and obviously... We got option C. Which I'm really happy with now that I see it. That really was a bad pic of the collar on the website. I can't really get a good one w/ the plastic and don't want to take that off yet or I'd get a close up of it. Has a sailor knot, which I knew, but it isn't as big as it looked in the other and the collar doesn't go out and past the shoulders like it seemed. Sigh of relief lol. 



Mistika said...

I love the gown he is going to look so cute in it I can not wait for the pics

Salma said...

The gown looks gorgeous...he will be adorable in it, and I hope you share some pics.

Did you take it out of the bag as yet...? Just to air it a a bit.

MK said...

Mistika - Thanks!

Salma - Thanks! Not yet... We're looking at the last weekend in July for the Baptism so we have awhile.