08 June, 2010

So I Don't Lose It This Time...

I'm gonna go a bit out of order here... I do have a post about the move and all, but I'm not ready for it lol. So trip comes first... Unfortunately I only have a few pictures from it, but as soon as I get more I'll try and put some of the others up too. 

It went really well. We were a little worried (or at least I was) how it would go w/ a five week old, but very few problems at all. The trip over was a little harder than the one back. Mostly because we tried to leave right after Baba got off work... we were gonna drive to Ozona and sleep a bit then continue on. Nope... We stopped twice before then to rest and didn't really get going until about 7 or so the next morning. It was rough. Added to that it got up to 106 and we have no air conditioner in the truck. That stunk. Zavier got really upset once and added another stop, but other than that one he did really good. 

We stopped in Balmorhea for lunch... and I have to put that because Kalila made me laugh there. We got out at the Bears Den (restaurant) and she told us that its our new house. Looks nothing like it, but ok... While we were there a couple from Odessa told me I looked exactly like someone they know... I can't even tell you how many times I've been told that by different people. Apparently I have 23839 clones out there somewhere. Zavier apparently didn't want to be out cuted by his sister w/ her comments... He found a parrot decoration and kept staring and grinning at it... Adorable. 

On to VH. 

We made it awhile before the grad but of course we all had to get ready. My brother, his wife & daughter got there just before we had to leave for grad... Kalila and L (her only first cousin so far) met for the first time and attached pretty good. She didn't want her to leave when they did, we left a few min later at the same time as my other brother... Rushed over there and it was already starting when we got there. 

The grad was really nice... if long lol. I nearly cried during the slideshow when they showed my sis' pictures... They did the whole baby pictures then recent ones thing. I still halfway picture her that little... so yeah... Kalila loved it too because everyone cheered w/ every picture so she got to clap and scream lol. I wish I'd gotten pics of it all but no batteries.  Hopefully I will get copies of the ones afterwards cause we had some family shots.

Two grad parties after that.. one that night, and one the next. Had lunch w/ the family in between. It was nice... Had a lot of fun the entire trip. And like I said, Kalila had a ton of fun w/ her cousin... who tried to potty train her while we were there lol. Actually got her on the potty at one point.

We did manage to get a few pictures too.

Here's Zavier w/ Grandpa... They really do look alike lol

My parents wanted a pic of their grandkids all together, so we got this one Sat night.

And we had to get another of the girls

We'd planned to leave Sun night, but got some news from here that confused us so we left a bit early... The trip back went very smoothly. We actually made it back faster than we thought we would! 

And that was our trip... I ended up never posting last time so I had to make sure it got done this time lol.