23 June, 2010

Random Thoughts..

Yeah remember the kids being sick and getting better? Nope... didn't go away. I don't know if they recaught it or what, but it hit a low point last night/this morning. First Zavier threw up... then Kalila did. I started feeling bad yesterday too... and this morning I woke up to find our kitchen floor painted in shit. Kalila got up and had a major accident and then tried to clean part of it up. Yeah that was the worst thing I've ever had to clean... by far. Good news is she hasn't coughed once today and Zavier's sounds better too. So hopefully they'll get over it for real now. And hopefully I won't get any worse or Baba catch it.

I'm craving a Dr. Pepper so bad right now.. and no way to get one. Not happy. 

Does anyone know (and have sources for) if both parents have to consent for surgeries in the US or is it just one & does it have to be a particular one? Someone told me the mom has to do it...  which has me worried all over again. And of course I can't seem to find the info online to see if its true.

On a happy note our Size 2 Duo Wraps should be here today! :-D 

I also got the email that Zavier's Baptismal gown shipped... and we picked up the invites the other day too.

On the other hand... the date is not set. The first one we picked did not work for Ammo Trevor. The second didn't (or didn't exactly) for Aunt Sonia. The week after that (not one we chose) is my family reunion... which we could rush back from, but would be rough. So... we're attempting the week after that now. If someone called/txt'd his brother to ask that is...   

Still not used to my hair... No complaints of course lol, but everytime I pass by a mirror I do a double take... 

Kalila has been coming up with more of those little comments that just make me smile, like telling me she'll "just try it" when I told her she wouldn't like the gravy. Note: I know she does and want her to try things... was just trying to hide the stuff from her at the time since she can't have it right now and it was the first thing to come to mind. Obviously not the right thing to say though lol. 

Sounds like it may be time to restart the washer so I guess I'm off. I'm gonna try to get some more pictures soon but not exactly sure when that'll happen.


Deltaflute said...

I think that you only need consent from one guardian like all other medical procedures so it doesn't matter which one. I always have to sign off on HB shots. In the hospital I also had to sign off on other tests like the newborn screening, the hearing, etc. Hubby wasn't there. He also hasn't been around for vax.

Now if your divorced, I think it's different. You have to follow what the divorce decrement says about medical care. So both parents have to agree. In fact I read a weird case in the paper saying that a step-mom who was Catholic was being forced to cook kosher foods for her step-son because the mom wanted him to be raised Orthodox Jewish. I'm assuming, because it was a blurb, that the dad doesn't care. The comment made would be if the mom was Muslim would that then force the step-mom to wear a burqa around the step-son. It was a sorta comical comment.

MK said...

Thanks. That's reassuring of sorts. We haven't done shots yet for Zavier so I don't remember how many of us have to sign for that. I think we both did on the hearing test but I could be wrong, has been a few weeks lol. Like I said though, I can't find out for sure and its bothering me. The little stuff I don't care. We're always both there anyway... but the surgery, he wants it done so he should sign for it. If they try to make me... that's gonna be a problem.

That's crazy about the food thing. It makes sense I guess but wow. Although have to point out it wouldn't be a burqa that would be required in that last situation lol. Hijab maybe... That has me curious though because I've never heard of a woman having to do that in that situation.

Salma said...

The consent thing is iffy all around.

Hope everyone starts feeling better. Your kitchen story sounds a bit like mine years ago when my kids were babies. They played in it...that's all I have to say. Not fun to clean for sure.

MK said...

Thanks! Kalila seems better today... and Zavier is on his way, cough holding on but not as bad.

And ewe... LOL Thankfully Kalila's only played with it once (baby in the crib) but her cleaning equals about the same thing. Gotta love it.