24 June, 2010

Pink Shirts and Denim Sunburns

After deciding I'd had enough of freezing my tako off this morning I put on this pink shirt my parents gave me awhile back over my tank. It has long sleeves so should help right? Eh.. not much lol. But Kalila got all excited about it because, well... its pink and because it ties in the front and she likes those. Here's the conversation that followed.

Kalila - You're wearing pink.

Mama - Yes, I have on a pink shirt.

Kalila - I want to wear pink too!

Mama - You are wearing pink. 

Kalila - (looks down and giggles) Oh. Yeah. I am wearing pink. 

Now... a few minutes later I decided I'd had enough of the minus 45 degree weather in here and took her outside while I ate my breakfast. She ran around and had fun while I sat on the swing... after I finished eating I laid down for a few minutes, and the only thing that kept me from falling asleep out there was the fact that she was out there. 

And then I felt my leg burning... Wearing jeans... Leg is covered. Nothing else having a problem, but my leg burning. Grabbed Kalila (who didn't want to come inside) and came back in. Yup... Leg is burnt! In a really weird pattern too. Strange. 

Note: I think I have figured out why Baba keeps it so cold in here now. I think he may be encouraging us to go outside more... Now how this is gonna help me get anything done I don't know.