28 June, 2010

MPM 28 June - 4 July

Blah... I almost don't want to do this lol. 

Before I go near this weeks schedule, have to share Baba's dinner from the other night. He'd had a rough couple of days and I found out we had pork chops in the freezer... so I made them for him (and then warmed up a halal pizza for myself lol).  Thankfully they seemed to turn out well, you know for having been made by someone who'd never done them before and hadn't planned to either. Blech...  Had to get a pic since I figured noone would believe me lol.

Also got one of Jas & Zavier that night. 

And on to this week... Sorry Baba, no pork :-j Note: Any recipes I don't know off the top of my head (ie made a thousand times lol) I'm getting from the Settlement Cookbook that Grandpa gave me.

B- cereal
L- taco's
Baba's D- Hamburger Helper
 B-Scrambled eggs & toast
D- Pasta
B-Toad in Hole 
D-Cheese Enchilada's w/ Rice & Beans
D-Chicken & Dumplings w/ Green Beans
B- Baked Eggs a la Columbus
L-Tuna Sandwiches
D-Beans & Rice

Leaving the rest of the day open because I'm pretty sure we're doing something for the 4th. 


Deborah said...

I get that you don't cook pork often, but if you want a great, super-easy recipe for pork chops with a honey mustard glaze/sauce, let me know. I usually cook it about once a week because it's so quick and easy, and my husband loves it. I bet the honey mustard actually would be pretty good with chicken, too.

MK said...

Thanks. Its not even a not cooking it often thing, its a I just don't do it thing. I don't just dislike pork I don't think its safe/healthy to eat. My husband agrees (well he argues it if his dad is around, but most of the time he admits it) but likes it too much to give it up. So other than ham sandwiches (which still isn't often) he only gets it at restaurants now. That's why me making it was such a shock and everything. I about killed my hands washing them too lol. Were rubbed raw by the time I'd finished cooking.

I've had mustard chicken before that was really good though so I might like the recipe for that :-)