18 June, 2010

Little Mama

So this morning we got up, had breakfast, goofed around tickling kids and such. Baba went back to sleep (is working major overtime right now so needs it) and Zavier did the same... and Kalila and I headed out while it was still a decent temp out there. 

As soon as we got out there I saw her shirt and started wondering why it was poofing out like this.. didn't make any sense!

Then I realized there was something under there... and she pulled it part way up and I got these pics.

An AIO shirt and wrap/sling? LOL 

We sat in the swing for a bit... and then played soccer and ran around a bit. Thankfully she decided she needed an apple around the time it started warming up too much to be doing all that.


kim said...

i am guessing thats a stuffed animal? It looks kinda real in the

Rae said...

Somebody has trained her well! Very cute.

MK said...

Kim - Yup its stuffed... LOL. The main part of it is actually a dark green colour, but its kinda hard to see on here.

Rae - Thanks :-) What's funny is she gets mad half the time I'm wearing Zavier, tells me not too.

Rae said...

Well, she's still learning even if she get's mad!