09 June, 2010

Good, Good, and... Not So Good

No pictures right now although I've got a cute one of Baba and the kids this morning. No time to get it up yet... 

Zavier had his hearing test this afternoon. He passed of course. We didn't really have any doubts he would lol. It was really interesting to see how it was done since I missed getting to see Kalila's. He nursed through the whole thing so it was really easy to get him to do what he needed. He even helped with taking the stuff off when they were done lol. What was funny, or at least I thought so, was one of the questions I got asked. Now I know they have too... but not even a couple minutes after me explaining we'd had an out of hospital birth I was asked if it was vaginal or c-section. Mental picture of a home c-section. But yeah the whole thing went well and we even ran into our eye dr there... He'd just had a baby apparently. 

Then we went straight to the pedi's office for Zavier's one month checkup. Mixup with insurance (another not so good part, although not what I was referring to in the title) meant an extra long wait time... but they were nice about it and we got in as soon as possible... Poor Baba has to deal with getting everything straightened out when he goes in later though. Other than that everything there, w/ Zavier, went great too. 

He weighs 12 lbs 7oz and is 24 in long. Kind of surprised me because I weighed him last weekend at 14 lbs. I know the diaper was part of that difference since I weighed him with one that time and they do it without, but still... maybe the diff between just having filled a diaper lol. We did change one right before.

We discussed his spitting up and gas. She's not worried because he's gaining well and all that. 

Talked about what he's doing, which is all on track... 

Went over the vax schedule... which was a big one. I was a little nervous about that, but it went well. He starts in on those next month. She did adjust it a bit, swapped out one from 3 months to 2 and vice versa. I'm fine with that, not so much that I wanted them in a particular order as just not having so much thrown at him at once. When we get to MMR, those will have to be adjusted too because our schedule has them separated out and noone here has the individual vaccines. Apparently she used to send her patients elsewhere for those if they wanted to do that, but that place is out too. Crossing fingers maybe they'll get them in, but doubting it because I've seen comments online about it being a problem.

Checked his ears, throat, chest all that... everything looks good.  

So yeah Zavier's visit went well...

But we brought up Kalila and the diarrhea problem. This is where the not so good comes in. She asked about juice and fruit intake.. Kalila does eat fruit, but not enough of it to be an issue and usually the ones that are supposed to do the opposite... but they don't. Then she asked if she was still nursing, nope... and about milk/dairy. Said that might be the problem and is having us completely cut it out of her diet for the next couple weeks or so. I've seen online that it can take up to a month to completely get it out of your system so we may do that just to be safe. So yeah.. not so good. I'm not surprised because I've heard of it causing problems like this. I even saw it mentioned for the spit up/gas issues. I knew we might have to go there. I just don't like it lol. Cutting dairy out is hard. But if it helps... at least we'll know right?


katharine said...

It took me one, VERY long shopping trip, reading labels on everything, and now I feel pretty set with the no dairy stuff. I think the key is replacing things, to not feel like you are going without. This week I have been eating beans instead of when I would have cheese for example....and chocolate silk tastes like melted ice cream lol

Christy said...

I read that Merck no longer makes the separate Measles, Mumps, and Rubella shots. They have mentioned that they may start again in 2011. Since Zavier wouldn't have that shot for at least another year, hopefully it won't be an issue for you.

Porgie had unexplained toddler diarrhea for about 6 months. We started giving her probiotics and it eventually went away.

MK said...

Katherine - yeah I see that coming lol. Luckily I already do a lot of stuff homemade so that helps. May get us past the last bit of prepackaged stuff. Baba has a thing for hamburger helper... Does silk make anything besides soy though? We try to keep that to a minimum and milk sub wouldn't be doing that... We're planning to use almond milk which also tastes great (although I have a texture issue w/ milk of any kind and can only cook with it lol).

MK said...

Christy - Oops hit enter before I meant too lol.

Anyways, that's right... I knew it was something like that. I am hoping its out before he needs it, but we'll see.

Dr M explained toddler diarrhea as the juice thing and said it doesn't sound like that at all. Probiotics has helped Kalila some, but not completely. And she has it to the point its hurting her... So we have to try something.

katharine said...

Oh do you have a sensitivity to soy as well? oh no!!
I am unsure if Silk is anything more than soy, I havn't even tried almond milk before! I tried rice and didn't like it too much...hehe.
I know what you mean about the texture thing with milk though...for me its a look of it and taste of it thing. Because I couldn't have milk for so long, its an aquired taste! I eat cereal with orange!

MK said...

No soy sensitivity... its a health thing. If you look up some of the info on soy it is pretty scary if you have it in major amounts. Every once in awhile (like they do in Asia) its fine... but too much is not good.

Almond milk really does taste good. I've never tried rice milk.. have seen it at the store but it doesn't sound appealing lol.

I eat my cereal dry... another random texture issue... I don't like soggy cereal lol.