27 June, 2010

Duo Sized Baby

LOL Apparently Zavier is duo sized... He fits in both sizes right now. Found out by accident... washing diapers and most of his covers are in there, put on one of these and it fits on the smallest setting. Size one fits on the largest...  No complaints I have twice the amount of covers for him right now! 



kim said...

cute. Maybe its the brand. I notice even in regular disposables on Claire that different brands fit differently.

MK said...

Thanks. No, I was talking about one brand. Most of our covers are Thirsties Duo Wrap's. They come in two sizes, 1 and 2... We do have some WonderWraps but they're one size fits all, which is great cause both Kalila and Zavier fit in them. Well right now the Duo size 2 has the same advantage lol.

But yeah sometimes diff brands fit differently. With Kalila we also tried a Bummi's and Imse Vimse and she was in a large of the IV while medium of Bummi's and Thirsties.. and she outgrew the Bummi way earlier than the others.

Salma said...

That's great, just don't let the company know that. LOL. I'm sure they wouldn't want parents to save any money. Am I cynical? I hope not.

MK said...

LOL actually coming out with the Duo Size was a way to help people save more money... but you may have a point still :-) Either way most families would need a smaller cover than the size 2 at some point. I had actually planned to get the x-small from their sized covers and then go to the duo wraps... so glad we didn't!