16 June, 2010

Dairy Free Adventures

Ok I'm gonna be completely honest here.. I'm hoping this doesn't last. I'm giving it a good try because I want Kalila to get better... but we've all been hoping we don't have to continue with it. 

Pretty much the first whole week was just awful. I couldn't get to the store so I was very limited to what I could make for her. The one day we did eat out we managed to find a place that, while they do have allergy information online including things that are dairy free, cooks everything in butter and defeats the purpose. 

I don't know whether to start this next part w/ thankfully or unfortunately lol... No, thankfully it does seem to be helping her so far. We had a few days of no issues all in a row, I can't even remember the last time that happened. But she managed to get sick in the middle of this (Baba thinks its allergies) and yesterday had the nastiness back. Part of me wonders if it means this isn't the issue (but could that part of me be the part that doesn't want to deal with cutting dairy out longterm?) and the other part figures it may just be whatever she caught or her body still adjusting. Not jumping to conclusions. Hoping she's over whatever it is before we start reintroducing things (like Lactaid.. I think that's what Baba wants to start with) to see how much she can handle. If its just straight up milk that's out (like Baba) then we'll be very relieved. Is the most likely right?

Anyways, off of all of that... 

We got to the groc store and picked up a few things we needed to make this easier. Dairy free bread... yes most of them we've found have it in there :-/. Dairy free margarine (blech)... and of course almond milk. I'm actually a bit jealous of the bread... hers is better than mine lol. I'm ok with that though of course.  Baba thinks the milk sounds disgusting... although we both agree it sounds like it'd be really good baked into deserts. Kalila likes it though... had it in her cereal and told me it's sweet. 

And I've been playing w/ recipes and trying new ones. Yesterday we did that chicken and rice I linked on here. Surprisingly good... Kalila didn't even talk while she was eating, just shoveled it in lol. I made chicken adobo for the first time in forever. Thankfully that recipe already is dairy free and I hadn't thought about it before. Today I'm really stepping out on a limb though. Steph's roast recipe... made dairy free. I had to make my own cream of mushroom for it and am on pins and needles over how it will turn out lol. 

Ok, I think I'm over the craziness that was getting that started (is in the crockpot now) while Kalila was running around in a life jacket (she's still wearing it) and Baba was leaving for work. Time to get back to work!


Steph said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a while, but know that I am reading!

At some point when we have time, we should talk about the dairy stuff. I had to cut it out for Kairi for a while. It wasn't fun at all, but we were able to slowly start adding things in after a few weeks. The very first thing we did was to change back to regular bread and then to margarine. So I feel you on that -- they were definitely the hardest.

Good luck w/ it all and I hope that whatever caused her issue, that you are able to get it worked out easily!

MK said...

No understood... I've had a hard time commenting lately myself so I hadn't thought much about that. I did start wondering how you were the other day though because it hit me I hadn't seen any posts either lol.

Sounds good. Glad it worked out for yall, hoping it does for us too. Thankfully Baba & I are on the same page w/ waiting until whatever she's caught is over before starting to introduce stuff. Def did catch something too, Zavier's got it now :-(