08 June, 2010

Catching Up (as short as possible)

I'm sure quite a bit of what I was gonna post just won't be... because its been a busy last couple of weeks. Oh well. Long story short things are going well... The move is over, we're adjusting here (loving it too). 

But to share a bit about life here lately.

We started moving that one weekend... did the majority of it on Sat. Moved a few things on Sunday. Baba worked through the week and we stayed here at the house. Tried to unpack some, but didn't get a whole lot done... Our drier broke in the move, turns on but no heat... So I was down to one maybe two loads a day since it takes forever to dry. 

Finished up the move the next weekend. I can honestly say I don't remember much from it... lack of sleep and all lol. I think we worked on it Sat. I know we went to Mass Sunday (Baba had to direct and it was luncheon Sunday so we really didn't want to skip even to get ahead). We got home about 3 or so the next morning. Monday Baba had to work... holiday pay so not taking off. He dropped us off at the apt to work while he did... and those of you on facebook know I had major problems getting anything done. Can you say Zavier and growth spurt? Yeah... he's that age. I was having to feed  him every hour or so and on top of that he had gas pains... so he wouldn't let me put him down or in his wrap. Apparently he doesn't like it when he's in pain. Maybe its just getting him in there when he is, I don't know.. but it was rough. I had gotten almost enough for a load to come over when Baba got home... so was rushing at that point. He got in and we took turns w/ Zavier and somehow managed to get out by 9 Tues morning. It was awful. 

Somewhere in there (a couple funny stories) I had some diaper issues w/ Zavier. The first one we ran out of covers since I was behind on laundry... We did find one of Kalila's old ones still there though and clean. A large. Velcro dead. But a cover. Tried keeping it on w/ the snappie but it wouldn't catch the material correctly... So what did I do? I duck taped it on lol. Hey it worked... and for the record this is one of the first covers I'm gonna convert to snaps now that I found some that I can sew on by hand. Not my fav cover, but I may need it from time to time. 

Monday... We were down to pocket diapers at this point.. and they ran out. But... I found a bag of newborn sposies from Kalila's baby shower. The ones they decorated. I learned a few things... Yup, they blow out on him just like they did on Kalila... and they dry his skin out something awful. Was really weird looking. He had a little bit of a rash after the last one too but thankfully it went away very quickly w/ me using prefolds alone (no cover) the next day.

So that was the move.. Beyond that...

LOL - Kalila's trying to feed Zavier w/ her "boos". Just pinched them and pretended to get milk out and is holding "it" in her hand up to his mouth. Silly goose. At least she's not trying to get him to latch on again :-D

That first Sunday we had a Bday dinner w/ friends... at Dave & Busters and Kalila took off in the games section. Still scares me to think about... Obviously she's ok though.

We've been trying to get everything up here. The goal is 2 boxes a day... some days are better than others with it lol. 

Got a nini to line dry our clothes. I wanted it anyway for diapers but is saving us right now since the drier is still out. 

We ordered 2 new diaper covers awhile back. Wonder Wraps are getting discontinued apparently and everyone has them on sale. Stinks but I'm happy we got them. I found them in prints and just love em. 

Speaking of diaper covers... The Thristies were leaking out the top the other day and I couldn't figure out why... Silly me didn't realize growing baby equals they might need the size adjusted. Yeah he's gone up a size... moved to the second snap. They're back to working correctly lol.

Things here at the new place are going well. Zavier's starting to nap in his pack and play some... and for a bit in his co-sleeper at night too.  Kalila's adjusting to new rules here. Some days are better than others with that lol, but she's doing pretty good. She loves getting to play outside more and see her Gido more often (he just moved into his place so even more so now than it has been the past couple weeks). The cats... well lets just say that Mumble is back to how she was before someone traumatized her. We're so excited about it.. Both cats love it here. Baba and I are happy. I'll be happier when I'm done unpacking and all that of course. Ready to be settled in. 

A few random pictures now...

Sleeping pics

Sibling pics

Zavier's teeth... you have to look pretty close, they're still right at the gums. This is the best pic I've gotten of them so far though.

Pushing up

Kalila upset

Kimosimi checking out a younger version of himself

Not as short as I meant it to be lol... esp w/ so many pics that hadn't made it over here yet. I'd say hopefully the next wont have so many but I have no idea when I'll get a chance to get on again. I'm gonna try after Zavier's appointments tomorrow but we'll see. 

Oh and before I forget lol.. Baba agreed w/ everyone on Baptismal gowns... but we're still not going with it. It not only costs more than the others, but would use up our Pennies gift cards (and then some). The others are on Amazon where we can use Swagbucks and cost less... Looking like it will be option c. If I can get another card or two I might manage b. I do like c's skirt more though so oh well. 


Lelo and Stitch said...

those are some great pictures! Hey I have been meaning to ask you do you ever text? anyway LOVE YOU thanks for the update been wondering about you.

MK said...

To quote my hubby, "Rackin Frackin!!!!"

It wasn't supposed to post yet! And of course Blogger won't let you fix that...

Thanks. Not all of them were up yet though.

And yes I do txt... love ya too

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Your cover stories remind me of when Layla was little. I only had I think, 6 covers at the most in any size, so I was constantly having to wash them by hand and try to get them dry by the time she messed up another one. Thankfully they can be kept on for awhile unless they poop!

Layla's been having less accidents lately since I make her take off her own clothes, put them in the hamper, and wipe up any mess that she made ;-) Mean mommy!

Lelo and Stitch said...

Text me any time now lol... I know you text periodically but I never really asked how much because I didn't have a texting plan until just recently... now I have unlimited and a new phone...speaking of your phone number did not transfer text me and I can save it to my address book :-)

Christy said...

Glad to hear that you guys are getting settled at the new place. I missed you!

MK said...

Stacy/Fahiima - LOL That reminds me of at first w/ Kalila. We had 3 covers, I'm not even kidding. She went up to 5 or 6... Zavier has 7 he can wear. Thankfully its usually not a problem. Poo doesn't leave his prefold often and Kalila goes less often (can't say hers doesn't because she has tummy probs lately). Some days are better than others with that though lol.

Abby - will do

Christy - Thanks :-) I missed yall too

kim said...

cute pics. i like how you wrote on the diaper...hehe I might have to do that too. Its a cute pic idea.

MK said...

Thanks! I didn't do it though, friends/cousins did at a baby shower we had for Kalila. I kinda wish I'd known we'd be using cloth cause then we'd still have all of them lol.