10 June, 2010

All Smiles

Neither of these are really new... but they are if that makes any sense. 

Zavier's been giving us smiles for awhile now, but still pretty rare and I could never catch a picture. I finally did last night. I wish I'd caught the big huge grin he gave a few min before, but love this one too.

Got another this morning.. just a little smirk, but still cute.

He's also rolled onto his tummy before, but like I think I mentioned lol.. it took him a lot of work and time to do so. This morning he did it twice in a row fairly quickly. Just flipped right over :-D 

And Kalila peed in the potty this morning too! I've been doing like Grandpa said he did w/ us and taking her in with me and having her sit on her little one when I need to use the restroom. The past couple days she's loved it, but nothing. This morning... as soon as she sat down she yelled out that she needed to go and then did. We were/are so proud lol. Now to keep it up right? 

A few other pics... 

Loving on her brother

One of the kittens from outside lol. 

Baba w/ the kids


Catherine Anne said...

Love that baby sweetness

Christy said...

All these cute baby pictures kind of make me want to have another baby. Kind of.

Keith said...

what a cute grin! oh and congrats on the potty progress. We'll be there soon enough.

MK said...

LOL Thanks everyone...