11 May, 2010


I've been curious about wool covers for awhile now... I never got any because they cost so much more, and I really like the ones we did buy anyway... but still curious. Everyone that uses them (at least that I know who do) raves about them. 

So I was excited when a friend gave me a bunch of wool covers that she made. 

Unfortunately most of them are just too small for poor Zavier. We have a couple more I haven't tried on him yet (need to be rewashed first, Kalila got ahold of them) so hopefully one or both of them will fit. 

The one we have tried... Lets just say its definitely a backup cover. If the others are all dirty... I'll use it. It doesn't fit quite right either. There's a gap at the waist so its a bit loose there... which means if he wets much (which he usually does) it will leak. I don't care for leaks. Our other covers don't... 

So yeah... wasn't impressed... but that's just one particular wool cover. I'm hoping the others (if they fit) turn out better.