13 May, 2010

Thirsties Duo?

Before anyone goes there (LOL) - This was taken when Zavier was 2 days old... had the little newborn rash still and hadn't even had his clamp taken off let alone the cord come off. Actually... I noticed the rash during this exact diaper change (was first thing in the morning when I took it)... And we went in for our 2 day appointment where they took off the clamp that afternoon. The rash was gone within a day or two. He didn't officially get a belly button until a couple days ago lol. I'm gonna try to get a newer shot before I post this, but still... This was our first one. :-)

Anyways... Thirsties Duo Covers.

Obviously we're in size 1's right now... I'm not sure for how long considering his size lol. But they do fit very well. We have had no leaks with these... well unless you count one morning when I accidentally left a bit of prefold hanging out one leg. My fault lol. Other than that, no leaks. Just as good as the regular, sized Thirsties covers. In my opinion anyway. 

What I'm not so crazy about... or at least have mixed feelings about... are the snaps. I like the idea... but they seem very fragile. I'm half afraid I'm gonna break one trying to unsnap them. That hasn't happened, but still. Between that and the fact that the velcro on the sized covers has held up as well as it has compared to the pocket diapers we had we've ordered this cover in the velcro version for size 2.  

Now what does make me a little sad (silly but still) is that they've recently come out w/ some really cute prints and we have none of those lol. Not even the size 2's we've ordered... because we ordered them from Franklin Goose and they only have them in size 1 - which we don't really need any more of... I wouldn't mind... but we don't need them lol.

A more recent picture because I think diaper shots are just too cute.. Not the exact cover in the first picture... This one's the storm cloud colour I believe, that one was ocean blue. We also have meadow (green) and honeydew (yellow). 

And because they do carry them, here's the links for FG's pages for anyone interested. Like I've mentioned in an earlier blog post and my disclaimer page, I would be making a small amount if you choose to purchase one from here.  I wouldn't be sharing the link if I didn't really like this item though... and I will say as much as I love FG, they don't have a big selection of these so if you need a size 2 or want the prints you may need to look elsewhere (sorry). 


Deltaflute said...

I've read somewhere (I think everything is such a blur) that the snaps tend to be cut a little different than the aplix Thirsties duo. We have a duo size 1 and it still fits but we have to make sure that we stuff the pre-fold in there real good. Hope that helps.

MK said...


I would think they'd fit a bit different if for no other reason than the velcro adjusts differently.

I don't remember if I mentioned it, but despite his size we're still on one of the smallest settings... So I really dont think we have anything to worry about w/ this size. I don't think he'll be in them as long as he'd be if he were born a few pounds lighter lol, but still. He should be in it for awhile..