05 May, 2010

Small Change

Sorry I haven't posted this before now... I probably should have yesterday, but lots going on obviously lol.  At least I got it up on the disclaimer page lol.


Look to your right & you'll see a link to Franklin Goose. Same store I've mentioned a couple times lately because they did that big promotion... which really helped us out a lot. 

Random side note: Our mattress came in the other day. It actually came the same day Zavier did lol. We were still at the Birth Center and everything. Thankfully our neighbor signed for us. 

So FG started up a new program recently that I signed up for. Basically its an affiliate program... Official details linked here. Long story short though - I have a link to them on my site, if you click over from here I'll get paid a small percentage. I can also link to specific products for the same result... 

Which is why I updated my disclaimer page... Haven't put up any specific products yet, but if/when I do I will let you know that they fall under this. If I'm reviewing something that is not on there (and no chance I would make money off of) I will let you know that too. 

Hope there's no confusion about this... I just saw the program and figured it was too good to pass up, esp coming from this company that I absolutely love. 

Franklin Goose - Organic Baby Store