12 May, 2010

Silly Girl

I know I've been posting a bit more (lot more) about Zavier lately... but I don't want to forget about Kalila on here. Good thing I have some really cute stories to share right?

We went out to eat w/ some friends today, Unkie (sp?) Boone and Aunt Jen... We haven't seen them in forever so that was really nice in and of itself. Well at one point Kalila was bouncing all over the place lol and barked at Unkie Boone. Baba asked her if she's a puppy... and I guess Unkie Boone hadn't heard her bark cause he asked her "what's a puppy?" Kalila looked at him like he's crazy or something and said "a dog!" LOL

Almost forgot this one, but they brought gifts for the kids. Stuffed animals from WoW I think (correct me if I'm wrong here lol). Well a bit ago Kalila asked me what hers was... I have no clue... So I told her to ask Baba (as in when he gets home) and she told me, "I can't. He's at work!" Just thought that was cute lol.

She's also started hinting... This morning she touched my belly and said "There's a baby sister in there!" Uh... no.. LOL She's actually said something like that once before a couple days ago too. 

And here's a I got a bit ago of her watching Princess & the Frog. Not that you can tell what she's watching lol. Apparently she thought she needed to match the characters... got into the green crayons just before I took this. I really wish she'd stop trying to eat the... things. I don't know how many times we've banned the things here. Everytime I think its gotten better she goes and does this again :-/  Anyways, that's what's up with the green face if you can see it lol. I tried to wash it off of her, but... apparently its gonna take a few more washes. Odd since none of the others stained like that.


Deborah said...

Baby sister in there ... I love it!