28 May, 2010

My Blog Has a Footprint?

I found this by accident and thought it was pretty interesting. 

I'm going to link a couple websites instead of trying to explain it all out in detail.. because a) I don't have much time on here and b) its a little too complicated for me to do that lol. Long story short, each visitor to a blog or website equals out to a certain amount of carbon dioxide emissions.  

Planet Green explanation
German website (English version) how it works

Yes, the first link does link to the second lol. For obvious reasons. I like its explanation though, was very easy to read and verified the other for me. 

So what can you do? If you haven't already read those sites, what they're asking is just for you to write a blog post like this & add a badge to your blog, send an email with your link, and they will plant a tree. Easy enough.


kim said...

I just saw that on someone's blog today too. interesting.

MK said...

LOL - funny timing then! I've been meaning to post this for about a week now but hadn't had a chance.

Keith said...

I'll reduce my footprint by simply holding my breath while I read your blog. :D

MK said...

LOL... Well Keith.. I will try not to write too long a post then!

Rae said...

I wonder how they calculated that in the first place!