10 May, 2010

Mothers Day

Meant to post yesterday but... didn't happen. Oh well. Hope everyone had a happy Mothers Day. Everyone that celebrates it that is lol. 

Ours was pretty good.

Got up and went to Church. It was Zavier's first time... and he did really good. Baba took Kalila and they sat w/ the choir... Zavier and I went into the cry room, but there really was no point. He slept through the entire Mass! We went and sat w/ Baba after Communion... Kalila did pretty good too from what I understand. Baba only had to take her out once... and when I went in she was quietly playing w/ a friend.. Started acting up a bit at the end, but not too much. 

Went to lunch w/ Gido after that... and then came back here to change the kids. Ended up resting/naps instead of what we'd planned to do and ended up moving plans w/ Gran back a bit because they were still asleep lol. 

Had dinner w/ Gran and Papa Brian... was really nice. Zavier slept through most of that too. Kalila showed off her new tricycle while we were there. They got it for her last weekend... Is pink and purple Barbie...with Tinkerbell pads/helmet lol. She just loves it. 

Was a nice day...


kim said...

sounds nice. I read over your last few posts too... congrats on your beautiful new baby boy. Very happy for you. It looks like everything went so well and everyone is adjusting fine.

MK said...

Thanks! And congrats (again) on your new baby too! :-D