03 May, 2010

Brother & Sister

Yup, she's a proud big sister all right!

So far we've been pretty lucky. Kalila is thrilled to have a baby brother around... and she's doing really well with him. We do have to remind her to be gentle, but it really isn't that bad either. Nowhere near what I thought since she tends to be pretty rough normally. I think the biggest issue we're having is a twist on the whole jealousy thing. She isn't upset a bit by us paying attention to him... but wants him to herself instead. She's constantly asking to hold him... 

But she's been really sweet too. Likes to cuddle up with us. The first night we were home she came up while he was sleeping on me and laid down and fell asleep too. Last night she brought us her blanket and tucked us in.. then joined us.  I got pics of those obviously, but wish I'd gotten one earlier today when she gave him her stuffed Diego doll. 

Beyond all that...

So far these two are so different... which I knew they could be. I'd commented to Baba before about it, that I wondered how he'd be... and kinda hoped we'd have a calm baby. He didn't think we would lol. And its still early so this could end up changing, but so far we do. He does like to be held... and def lets us know it when he does get mad lol. But still much calmer.

They don't look very much alike either, Kalila looked like Baba from day 1... We're not sure about Zavier. A couple of my aunts/uncles think he looks like Grandpa lol. He def has the same lips as Kalila and foot shape (the first is one of the few things Kalila did get from me, the second is all Baba). We think he has my nose... but is really hard to tell.  Kalila was born w/ brown eyes that went green several days later and bounced back and forth before staying brown... Zavier's were a greyish green right from the start... haven't changed yet (but its still so early). We're really curious to see what they'll do. Kinda hoping they stay green though, is a really pretty colour. He has reddish blond hair right now along w/ light eyebrows and eyelashes. Curious if that'll change or not too. Kalila's started out black and gradually got lighter before turning red. Not the same shade his is, but the same as Baba's beard lol. Zavier's is closer to mine. They both do have Baba's eyebrow shape though lol. So cute... And they both do sleep exactly like Baba too :-D  (as you saw in the pic from the BC the other day).

Now what they do have in common... and this just hits me as extremely odd. 

With both kids I went into labour the day after the full moon. They were both born the next morning after that. Kalila was born just before 9 am, Zavier just before 8 am. The day/evening after both births Baba had events to go to at the Church (w/ Kalila it was a fundraiser, w/ Zavier it was a family wedding) and he danced in both events.

How weird is that?


Deltaflute said...

congrats again. They look so cute together. I was the same way when my younger bro was born. Always wanted to hold him. Enjoy it before the sib rivalry begins.

MK said...

Thanks :-)

Yeah, I'm planning on it lol. I know it prob will hit at some point so this is nice..

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!! I am so happy you finally had him! What a beauty.

It's funny but Alex has always enjoyed being held since he was born. At 4 he still asks to be held by me. My girls were never like that, I think it's a boy thing lol.

It's great Kalila is handling it so well. Molly was the same way with Claire. Now they are pretty close. When they fight it's horrible but they spend alot of time together playing anyway. And if one goes away for a few days, they miss each other terribly.And I have no idea why that was so important to say lol. Think my point is that yours will probably be really close.

Susie of Arabia said...

Sounds like Kalila has transitioned into her big sister role like a real champ! It's be fun to see him grow and change too. Best Wishes!

MK said...

Angela - That's sweet... I hope it continues w/ these two. We'll see though lol.

Susie - Yup, she's doing great so far. I just love watching them...