22 May, 2010

Away Message

Well, I have some really cute pics I'd love to put up with this... but they're on my phone! 

Anyways, as you know we're in the midst of moving... and the desktop is actually gonna be one of the last things moved. At the end of the week. Crazy I know lol. 

Basically we're getting all the other major stuff today and tomorrow... and then coming over for a few hours each day Weds through Friday (Mon & Tues we have other things that need to get taken care of during the time before Baba works) for little things and finally for the computer and desk. Next weekend we're gonna come back and clean everything again.  

So no, or very little, computer for me over the next week. I may get on while Zavier's eating and we're here those last few days, but we'll see. Esp since I'll have "housekeeping" stuff to take care of on here so that'll take precedence.

Point being we haven't dropped off the face of the earth, nothing's wrong.. Just computerless for awhile. Which is prob a good thing so I can be focused on getting stuff organized. 

Hope everyone has a great week (and weekend)!  

ETA - This goes for the phones too. We have our cell phones though.