18 May, 2010

Another 2 Week Checkup

Sorry no pictures right now, but small update... 

We had our second 2 week visit today, the one that got rescheduled lol. Was just a short visit, Zavier had his second PKU test (the first was at 2 days). Thankfully he's clotting better than he did at the first one, but the down side of that was it took longer to do & he was very upset by it all. 

She weighed him again too... Zavier is now 11 pounds. Sigh.. lol. 

I have one more visit at the Birth Center (6 weeks) but Zavier is done there. I need to get his 4 week visit w/ the pedi scheduled soon though. And talk to Baba about vax's since they're coming up. Which reminds me... he's home. So I'm off to do that!