17 May, 2010

All That Hard Work..

Zavier is trying so hard to roll over lol. He's gotten onto his side a few times now but it takes him so much work (and is adorable to watch lol). He did it again this morning and tried to make it all the way over. He can't. Got pretty close but one shoulder... he just couldn't get it underneath himself to completely make it. Finally he got frustrated and started crying. I kinda wish I'd had the camera nearby to catch it all, but I know I'll prob get another chance lol. 


Had a pretty good weekend here... Didn't end on such a great note, but started off really good. 

One of Baba's aunts (and a cousin) came to town, so we went over to another aunts to see them. Kalila was extremely excited because it meant seeing/playing with cousins. She went crazy while we were there. 

We were gonna go over to the other place after, but Kalila fell asleep and then the rest of us did too. Oops.

Sunday... Ran extremely late for Church. Went out to eat w/ Gido and then Kalila decided she wanted to go home w/ him instead of us lol. So she left and we brought Zavier back here for a change/food/nap and then headed over there too. 

Baba needed to help fix something next door where Gido will be living.. (I'm not describing beyond that because I don't want to put too much detail about the place on here.. just a safety precaution there) so the kids and I were where we'll be. It was nice though. I was feeding Zavier (this kid eats a LOT) and Kalila was looking out the door and just going crazy about seeing butterflies, saying they were going to the butterfly garden and stuff. Then she saw the birds and was going on about that... It was so cute. Then she got on the piano (or pi-an-yo as she says it lol) and started "playing" and singing along... mostly Mary Had a Little Lamb, but some Twinkle Twinkle and Old McDonald too. So glad Zavier could sleep through all that... it was very... loud. LOL. Cute though. Another I thought about pulling out the camera moment, but it was in the truck. 

Came back here and started making dinner... and I'll stop there because that's where the night went downhill for me. Hoping today is better... It should be though :-)

Oh and before I go, here's a pic we got last night of Zavier and Baba (right after a diaper change I believe lol). We just loved how he fell asleep on him like that...


Deborah said...

I can't get over how big Zavier is. This morning I went to the Baby Wash charity where I volunteer, and our youngest today was a 2-week-old ... less than half Zavier's size. He looks more the size of the 4-month-olds, but maybe that's just me not comparing well between pictures and the ones right in front of me.

I hope today is better for you too!

MK said...


And yeah... we saw a one month old at the pedi's office that was smaller than him lol. I wouldn't say 4 months, but we have gotten comments in person about him looking 2 or 3 months old. Which makes sense w/ what sizes he's wearing lol.

kim said...

He must be very strong too to be able to have the muscle strength to turn/roll over.

I think he looks big too..but thats because he is if he started out at 10 pounds. I couldn't imagine delivering a 10 pound baby...the biggest of all my kids was 8.9 and I think thats least for me. You seem like such a small person too and I am sure you have heard it a bunch of times too but wow yeah 10 pounds is a big boy.

MK said...

He is strong (doing great with lifting his head) but he still can't quite make it all the way over w/ rolling. He gets almost there after a lot of work but still. And it takes him forever to get to where he does too lol. I'm surprised he didn't give up earlier.

And I've definitely gotten a lot of comments about the size. I am pretty small and we didn't even expect it lol.