04 May, 2010

3 Years

Yup... Today was our 3 year anniversary. :-)  

I wanted to have pictures to put up, but... Kalila's refusing clothes most of the day, the cake I had planned... well it tastes good but something went off w/ the icing & it looks like... well... not so nice lol. Is a good thing I gave up the idea of trying to actually decorate it or I really would have been disappointed. As is it was just annoying. 

We've just had a nice lazy day today though. Got a bit done, but got some rest and stuff too. It was nice. 


Christy said...

Happy anniversary!

Keith said...

Happy Anniversary! Jen and I will make it 6 years in July. Considering your new circumstances, I hope you guys can find some kid-free time to celebrate!

MK said...

Christy - Thanks!

Keith - Thanks! Kid free time just isn't gonna happen anytime soon lol. Zavier's just too young. That's ok though :-)

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Happy Anniversary!