28 May, 2010

My Blog Has a Footprint?

I found this by accident and thought it was pretty interesting. 

I'm going to link a couple websites instead of trying to explain it all out in detail.. because a) I don't have much time on here and b) its a little too complicated for me to do that lol. Long story short, each visitor to a blog or website equals out to a certain amount of carbon dioxide emissions.  

Planet Green explanation
German website (English version) how it works

Yes, the first link does link to the second lol. For obvious reasons. I like its explanation though, was very easy to read and verified the other for me. 

So what can you do? If you haven't already read those sites, what they're asking is just for you to write a blog post like this & add a badge to your blog, send an email with your link, and they will plant a tree. Easy enough.

22 May, 2010

I Cant Do It...

I have to post. This is too funny... 

My daughter...

We're here getting stuff moved, more the guys than me because Zavier keeps getting hungry, silly boy... And Kalila keeps making the funniest comments. Mostly to Baba's friend who's helping us move. 

First she told him, "When I was a baby like Zavier I ate mommy's boobs" Seriously I'm surprised I didn't turn bright red at that one. 

And just now she went up and told him that she has diarrhea and then proceeded to explain exactly what diarrhea is. 

There's been others, but those are the two that stick out. 

We've finished moving for the day (got all the major stuff I mentioned.. only thing that we couldn't get was the washer/dryer since the clothes weren't done lol), eating right now & gonna head over for the night. Back to work tomorrow :-)

Away Message

Well, I have some really cute pics I'd love to put up with this... but they're on my phone! 

Anyways, as you know we're in the midst of moving... and the desktop is actually gonna be one of the last things moved. At the end of the week. Crazy I know lol. 

Basically we're getting all the other major stuff today and tomorrow... and then coming over for a few hours each day Weds through Friday (Mon & Tues we have other things that need to get taken care of during the time before Baba works) for little things and finally for the computer and desk. Next weekend we're gonna come back and clean everything again.  

So no, or very little, computer for me over the next week. I may get on while Zavier's eating and we're here those last few days, but we'll see. Esp since I'll have "housekeeping" stuff to take care of on here so that'll take precedence.

Point being we haven't dropped off the face of the earth, nothing's wrong.. Just computerless for awhile. Which is prob a good thing so I can be focused on getting stuff organized. 

Hope everyone has a great week (and weekend)!  

ETA - This goes for the phones too. We have our cell phones though. 

21 May, 2010

Baptism Poll

 Not quite starting to plan it yet, too much going on... but while I have both time to do this and time at the computer that I can't get up and do what I need to be doing lol, I'm gonna put up a quick poll to get opinions.

Baptism gowns... 

I've found 3 options. Am waiting to hear from Baba what he thinks about them... I honestly am drawing a blank on which one I like best. I'll admit it, I'm indecisive. With Kalila it was easy, we only had one real option (we'd have had more... but the rest were all floofy) and it just so happened we had a coupon for a good amount off an item from the store that carried it (BRU) so we weren't gonna look online for another. I've only found one place in town w/ boys gowns (I don't care for the suits) and its so out of price range its not even funny. I see no point in that... Was nice though. Anyways, long story short I got online this time and found these options and there we go. Hopefully Baba will have a big preference for one above the others lol. 

Option A. 

Option B.

Option C.

Technically there's a fourth very similar to the last one, but seems fuller and with more pleats. It has the same collar as that one, but the picture of it is better... here -

See its not as twisted as the one above lol. Is the same company though and has the same title so I think C just has a bad picture of it.  Anyways, I don't care for the extra pleats and stuff.. plus its shown on a random website where C is on Amazon and would be easier to buy from.

Now obviously this poll (will go on the side above the SleepyWrap link) isn't going to decide anything. I'm just curious what yall think. And feel free to comment what you like/dislike about any particular one. Even if it doesn't decide anything, the comments might give us something to discuss if he doesn't have a preference lol. (Please let that not happen though...) 

Eta - I kinda mentioned this in a comment, but so no one is confused.. option a isn't gown or suit option, its a combo thing. The bottom part (skirt? lol) can come off to turn it into the suit for use after the Baptism. 

20 May, 2010

Couple Video's...

Just thought I'd share some video's from yesterday...  And if you're wondering the second was actually taken first. I stopped it short since he was so upset and got him calmed down before trying again. Then Kalila started in on pestering him. I love what she says towards the end of it though. So cute... Can't wait until we're done here so I can get better pics and video's.

19 May, 2010

Too Many Posts!

Or - Too Many Titles.  

I had this one set and then started to rename it "I Want The Water Back". It could also be "Its Gonna Be A Crazy Week" or... I could probably think of a few others but you get my point.


 I didn't really write as much as it looked like yesterday. LOL That completely happened by accident.

First I scheduled the diaper cover post for that day... not realizing it would be when the appointment would be scheduled (I wrote it before we got that done). 

Then I took so long getting the menu done that it didn't post until early yesterday morning, putting the date wrong. 

And of course we had the appointment & I had to write about that lol... 

It was one of those days... really. 

I ran the washer with no detergent. 

Found out oatmeal is a bad idea for me right now lol.

Zavier was a bit fussy... I'm blaming it on the blood test. Who knows really, but still. He pretty much wanted to nurse or cuddle all day long after the appointment. ALL DAY LONG. Not that I really mind of course, but I did have stuff to do. Like pack.

One bookshelf is emptied though, and the second is almost done  :-)

And I got some great news. For some reason our records were showing that we'd need to pay for a Rhogam shot, we couldn't figure out why insurance wasn't picking it up so we were planning to call. Well the BC did that for us and found out that our insurance did pick it up... which takes us from having two payments left to one..  

Kalila got cranky last night too. Was pretending to cry over bedtime.. you know that fake cry. :-/ Thankfully "Trevor's Song" (I'm Yours) solved the problem.

I got some good pics of the kids before bedtime too...


As you can see... Yesterday was crazy. I doubt that will stop either since we're neck deep in packing... more like ten feet above our heads deep in packing. Its nuts. 


Today is proving that point. Apparently a water nini burst in front of our apartment. Only affecting us and the people above us of course. The water has been off since 7 this morning... Meaning Baba had to leave for work early & stop by the other place for a shower. None of the rest of us have gotten one... The pitcher we keep water in in the fridge is empty so he had to leave what was in his water bottle for me & Kalila to have something to drink until they get it turned back on (2 hours from him leaving).  We have orange juice, but I don't want her to have that much of that lol. 


Thankfully I got a call from Tia Sallie, who's coming over later to help pack and/or hold Zavier while I do. Seriously I'd be a lot farther along but he wants to be held so much. I love our Sleepy Wrap, but the boxes we have are too deep and I have to bend too far over for it to be safe... and I can't really get the stuff in one handed like I'd need to do while bending and such. 


Big progress last night... Zavier slept part of the night in his co-sleeper! 


Just had a phone call from the Pedi's office... and I think everyone got confused at some point! 

They were calling about his hearing test. I couldn't remember if they do it at the BC or not (they don't) so I'd meant to ask at that second appointment and forgot. Oops. So Dr. M had her receptionist call to set something up assuming it hadn't been done. I was planning to call today anyway to set up his 4 week appointment and asked if we could do that while we were on the phone and if I could get ahold of the BC and find out about the test. 

Well.. she was happy to make the appointment but asked if we were just released from the hospital. This is where I got confused. Hospital? Why would he be in the hospital? Then I realized she was thinking this was his first appointment, but that makes no sense considering I said 4 week... We got that straightened out and his appointment made.

Then I called the BC and found out he didn't have the test, but that we could go into any hospital and have it done for free. They prob told me that when he was born or before but I don't remember lol. 

So I called back... and told them that he hasn't had it yet, so she started to put down info to have this place call me, etc.. and (thinking it'd be easier this way) I told them what I was told about the hospitals.. and she got quiet a second and then said something like "Oh.. so you'll go back to your Birth Center and do it there?" - I explained that no, they don't do them there.. and you could just hear the confusion in her voice when she said something about guessing I could call Methodist. We went w/ the people she was gonna have call us to begin with.. figured I'd make it easy on her lol. Since apparently the other wasn't... Now waiting for them to call.


Kalila is cracking me up with some of the things she's saying lately... 

Yesterday she told us that Gido's name is Elizabeth... 

This morning she said that Zavier is her granddaughter...

and this afternoon.. this is prob my favourite (although the first is pretty close)... I said something about Zavier's lip quivering and she tried to repeat it and said that his lip was crapping. So hard not to laugh... 


Ok, Little Mr is done eating and sound asleep now.. .So I'm off here and back to work on packing this place up!

18 May, 2010

Another 2 Week Checkup

Sorry no pictures right now, but small update... 

We had our second 2 week visit today, the one that got rescheduled lol. Was just a short visit, Zavier had his second PKU test (the first was at 2 days). Thankfully he's clotting better than he did at the first one, but the down side of that was it took longer to do & he was very upset by it all. 

She weighed him again too... Zavier is now 11 pounds. Sigh.. lol. 

I have one more visit at the Birth Center (6 weeks) but Zavier is done there. I need to get his 4 week visit w/ the pedi scheduled soon though. And talk to Baba about vax's since they're coming up. Which reminds me... he's home. So I'm off to do that! 

Another Look At Wonder Wraps

So stinking confused here. I could have swore I posted a second time on these covers already... I guess I didn't though... 

Wonder Wraps

I posted before that I had mixed feelings on them. Leaned more towards disliking them even... but something happened awhile back that really changed my mind. 

Kalila had this horrible diaper. I'll spare details here. Lets just say it was bad. And Kalila being Kalila she tried to avoid a diaper change. She started running circles around our dining room... bad enough when you're tired and very pregnant but if I'd known what was coming I would have really feared for our carpet lol. Finally I caught her and got her into the tub.. got the diaper off and was shocked that none of it leaked out. 

I now like those covers. 

Skip forward a few weeks...

I was washing our Duo covers and needed one for Zavier. For a second wasn't sure what I would do, when I realized we had this cover clean and it is a one size cover. So I tried it on him.

Kalila was a bit taken aback. She told me it was hers lol. Thankfully she didn't really get upset and took our explanation pretty easily.

It worked just fine on him... Size fits well. I had it on the smallest setting and it still fit him pretty well, wasn't too small on it yet. I think the velcro helps with that. 

Sorry, not the best pic of him in it though lol.

MPM 17 May - 24 May

Ok, first off... I'm going back to my Excel MPM nini... Its more convenient for me and I like the way it looks. Not as easy to link recipes, but I can do that underneath like before. It works.

Secondly... Yes this weeks menu is very basic. We're in the middle of packing/moving. Not planning to get more groceries this week. Lots of sandwiches and leftovers if possible. Thankfully we do like them lol. Next week will probably be the same since we'll be unpacking/organizing.. all that fun stuff. 

So here it is...
 Now, little snippet from this afternoon I have to share. I've been working on this on and off all day. This afternoon Kalila came up and said that her throat hurt. She looked really tired so I tried to trick her into taking a nap (because if she fights it the tired would go away at that point and she'd just go crazy). She didn't want on to sit on the couch though, instead she asked for a snack. So I got her an apple and got her settled on her Elmo chair watching a cartoon. 
  • Note: the TV and computer are side by side in here... We'd set her chair right by the couch, so she was right behind me and would have to walk by me to get anywhere. Kalila's also not the type to just sit and watch TV, either she interacts with the show... jumping and dancing, yelling out answers, telling and/or asking us about things, etc. Or she does other things like play with a toy or read (sometimes leaving the room in the process lol). 
So I got her set up, fully expecting all that fun stuff... and I sat down here w/ Zavier and tried to work on the meal plan. A few minutes later I realized it was entirely too quiet and I freaked. Kalila + quiet does not equal good things. I turned around to see this - 

Huge sigh of relief lol. For once she woke up from her nap pretty happy (she's good w/ mornings, but waking up from a nap is awful for everyone involved normally) and the rest of the day went well. A little rough right before bedtime but she settled down pretty quickly. I'm definitely keeping an eye on the throat thing though. She said it wasn't hurting anymore later, but I caught a couple coughs. 

Oh and links to the recipes I got online - 

Eggless Pancakes -,165,133179-255194,00.html

Pan Macaroni -

Wholewheat Oatmeal Waffles -

17 May, 2010

All That Hard Work..

Zavier is trying so hard to roll over lol. He's gotten onto his side a few times now but it takes him so much work (and is adorable to watch lol). He did it again this morning and tried to make it all the way over. He can't. Got pretty close but one shoulder... he just couldn't get it underneath himself to completely make it. Finally he got frustrated and started crying. I kinda wish I'd had the camera nearby to catch it all, but I know I'll prob get another chance lol. 


Had a pretty good weekend here... Didn't end on such a great note, but started off really good. 

One of Baba's aunts (and a cousin) came to town, so we went over to another aunts to see them. Kalila was extremely excited because it meant seeing/playing with cousins. She went crazy while we were there. 

We were gonna go over to the other place after, but Kalila fell asleep and then the rest of us did too. Oops.

Sunday... Ran extremely late for Church. Went out to eat w/ Gido and then Kalila decided she wanted to go home w/ him instead of us lol. So she left and we brought Zavier back here for a change/food/nap and then headed over there too. 

Baba needed to help fix something next door where Gido will be living.. (I'm not describing beyond that because I don't want to put too much detail about the place on here.. just a safety precaution there) so the kids and I were where we'll be. It was nice though. I was feeding Zavier (this kid eats a LOT) and Kalila was looking out the door and just going crazy about seeing butterflies, saying they were going to the butterfly garden and stuff. Then she saw the birds and was going on about that... It was so cute. Then she got on the piano (or pi-an-yo as she says it lol) and started "playing" and singing along... mostly Mary Had a Little Lamb, but some Twinkle Twinkle and Old McDonald too. So glad Zavier could sleep through all that... it was very... loud. LOL. Cute though. Another I thought about pulling out the camera moment, but it was in the truck. 

Came back here and started making dinner... and I'll stop there because that's where the night went downhill for me. Hoping today is better... It should be though :-)

Oh and before I go, here's a pic we got last night of Zavier and Baba (right after a diaper change I believe lol). We just loved how he fell asleep on him like that...

14 May, 2010

Has It Really Been 2 Weeks?

Yup... My little one is now 2 whole weeks old... and had his first 2 week checkup this morning. He was supposed to have two of them, but its been pouring rain here today and everyone's been running behind to their appointments at the Birth Center. We came back to a message asking us if we could go in at 2:30 instead of 1:30, but Baba has to be at work so we get to reschedule in a bit.  

So the appointment we did go to today...

It was the first time he saw our Pedi... I'll call her Dr. M just to make things easier. I prob should have done that before, but honestly didn't think about it until I was discussing something online the other day. Anyways, his first time there and it went very well. 

He is gaining weight well... I don't remember if I mentioned it, but at his 2 day visit at the BC he had gone down from 10lbs 1oz to 9lbs 7oz... which is normal. We were hoping for him to make it back up to his birth weight by today's visit (again normal gain there). Not only did he lol.. but he's up to 10lbs 13oz. So he's definitely doing well there. He's also grown an inch... is now 23 1/4 inches. I don't remember the head measurments, but it was 64% on the growth charts (weight was 96% and he's off the chart in height lol). That all reminds me a lot of Kalila, as an infant she was always towards the top in the first two and usually off the chart on one.. and towards the bottom on the head one. She was always closer to 30something on that one though lol. eta - I was generous there, just looked at earlier posts and saw one that had her at 9% for it... Of course the chart stuff really doesn't mean anything (esp since I'm pretty sure they use the FF chart and not the BF ones), but its still interesting to see. 

She did see his little teeth. Almost didn't because he was hiding them with his tongue lol... There was no talk about pulling if they go ahead and come all the way through (big relief there). From the way she worded it they wouldn't even if they were all the way through at birth. 

And of course she listened to his heart and checked everything else.. She went ahead and explained everything to us, mostly stuff we'd discussed with the midwives, but I like that she does that. 

We also discussed the whole circ thing again. I'd talked to her on the phone before he was born, and through a receptionist afterwards. She would have done it but for his size (weight)... Long story short, she explained today why its best that its not being done till he's older (has to be 6 months). Personally I liked that she brought up the fact that we can decide if we really want it done during that time. I'm pretty sure Baba liked the fact that she tried to reassure me about the whole thing when we said that he does want it done. Enough about that though... 

We talked about his eating and sleeping... Got a lucky comment over the sleeping because the little guy has been sleeping 6 hours at night the past few. I'm not sure how lucky that is... is nice getting the sleep, but he isn't waking me for diaper changes during that time either and woke up with a little rash this morning because of it. I think I'm gonna pull out our pocket diapers and see if that helps with that. I'm pretty sure they'll fit lol.

She also asked how Kalila's doing with everything. Said that she looks like she's doing well too. Thankfully we're down to once a year visits with her... so she has until Sept/Oct until she has to go again. What made me laugh is that Kalila remembered that she gets a lollipop and sticker there and started asking as soon as Dr. M came in. 

Oh and she asked about his birth and all that while going over charts at the beginning. I don't remember discussing it last time, but its been 2 years lol. I think I've forgotten a lot about those first few appointments. I couldn't even remember if there were shots involved this time or not (nope). 

Was a pretty short visit over all... despite all the new patient paperwork lol.

And since we thought we had an hour until the next appointment we decided to run an errand in between. Quick Sams trip.. just for a couple items since we're trying not to buy much until the move... just what we absolutely need in the meantime. 

As much as I really don't like to do it, we decided to take Zavier in in his carseat (I'd rather it stay in the truck, just not comfortable with him spending that much time in it). It was just raining too hard and seemed easiest at the moment. He did ok though. Slept through the whole trip.

When we got back to the truck though... He got more than a bit upset as you can see here... 

And Kalila, the big helper that she is, decided to help us out. So cute!

I had to get one of just her too... Thought it was cute she was mimicking him.  

Ok, little miss is asking for more water now and I'm pretty sure I have a diaper or two to change, so I'm off!

13 May, 2010

Thirsties Duo?

Before anyone goes there (LOL) - This was taken when Zavier was 2 days old... had the little newborn rash still and hadn't even had his clamp taken off let alone the cord come off. Actually... I noticed the rash during this exact diaper change (was first thing in the morning when I took it)... And we went in for our 2 day appointment where they took off the clamp that afternoon. The rash was gone within a day or two. He didn't officially get a belly button until a couple days ago lol. I'm gonna try to get a newer shot before I post this, but still... This was our first one. :-)

Anyways... Thirsties Duo Covers.

Obviously we're in size 1's right now... I'm not sure for how long considering his size lol. But they do fit very well. We have had no leaks with these... well unless you count one morning when I accidentally left a bit of prefold hanging out one leg. My fault lol. Other than that, no leaks. Just as good as the regular, sized Thirsties covers. In my opinion anyway. 

What I'm not so crazy about... or at least have mixed feelings about... are the snaps. I like the idea... but they seem very fragile. I'm half afraid I'm gonna break one trying to unsnap them. That hasn't happened, but still. Between that and the fact that the velcro on the sized covers has held up as well as it has compared to the pocket diapers we had we've ordered this cover in the velcro version for size 2.  

Now what does make me a little sad (silly but still) is that they've recently come out w/ some really cute prints and we have none of those lol. Not even the size 2's we've ordered... because we ordered them from Franklin Goose and they only have them in size 1 - which we don't really need any more of... I wouldn't mind... but we don't need them lol.

A more recent picture because I think diaper shots are just too cute.. Not the exact cover in the first picture... This one's the storm cloud colour I believe, that one was ocean blue. We also have meadow (green) and honeydew (yellow). 

And because they do carry them, here's the links for FG's pages for anyone interested. Like I've mentioned in an earlier blog post and my disclaimer page, I would be making a small amount if you choose to purchase one from here.  I wouldn't be sharing the link if I didn't really like this item though... and I will say as much as I love FG, they don't have a big selection of these so if you need a size 2 or want the prints you may need to look elsewhere (sorry). 

12 May, 2010

Silly Girl

I know I've been posting a bit more (lot more) about Zavier lately... but I don't want to forget about Kalila on here. Good thing I have some really cute stories to share right?

We went out to eat w/ some friends today, Unkie (sp?) Boone and Aunt Jen... We haven't seen them in forever so that was really nice in and of itself. Well at one point Kalila was bouncing all over the place lol and barked at Unkie Boone. Baba asked her if she's a puppy... and I guess Unkie Boone hadn't heard her bark cause he asked her "what's a puppy?" Kalila looked at him like he's crazy or something and said "a dog!" LOL

Almost forgot this one, but they brought gifts for the kids. Stuffed animals from WoW I think (correct me if I'm wrong here lol). Well a bit ago Kalila asked me what hers was... I have no clue... So I told her to ask Baba (as in when he gets home) and she told me, "I can't. He's at work!" Just thought that was cute lol.

She's also started hinting... This morning she touched my belly and said "There's a baby sister in there!" Uh... no.. LOL She's actually said something like that once before a couple days ago too. 

And here's a I got a bit ago of her watching Princess & the Frog. Not that you can tell what she's watching lol. Apparently she thought she needed to match the characters... got into the green crayons just before I took this. I really wish she'd stop trying to eat the... things. I don't know how many times we've banned the things here. Everytime I think its gotten better she goes and does this again :-/  Anyways, that's what's up with the green face if you can see it lol. I tried to wash it off of her, but... apparently its gonna take a few more washes. Odd since none of the others stained like that.

Just Not Right

I've spent half of today trying to get a good shot of these... and been failing miserably. 

I don't know if you can see them on there or not. Those were the two best ones I've gotten so far... I can kinda see them, but I know where to look too (bottom middle). Gonna keep trying to get a better picture though...

Seriously I thought I was losing my mind last night (well Mon night, not sure what time this will post lol) when I first saw the little things... They're still so close to the gums that I very easily could have imagined it. Looked again this morning though and they were still there... Showed Baba, he saw them too... Then Gran saw em too when she brought Kalila home. Sigh.. He's too young! 

On a more age appropriate note... 

This little guy seems to hate sleeping on his back... For the first few days he had to be on me too. I wasn't surprised because Kalila was like that for the first 2 weeks. I did manage to get him to sleep in his bouncer during the day after a few, but nights he still won't sleep in his co-sleeper at all. Once again wasn't worried (yet lol) because it did take so long for Kalila and I figured I'd just keep working on it. 

Well someone mentioned the swaddling thing earlier. Kalila hated that.. and I'd pulled out the blanket for it before Zavier was born, figuring there was a chance he might like it... but just hadn't thought about trying it yet. So while I was thinking about it I decided to give it a shot tonight... Yeah, he's out... on his back and not on me. 

Don't get me wrong, I like cuddling him and will still let him sleep in his wrap during the day at times or nap on top of me after feedings if I don't have stuff to do. I like this time when I can do that... but I hate sleeping on my back too lol. And I know I'll be a lot more comfortable once he's sleeping in his co-sleeper. 

And remember the pictures I mentioned we were going to get done last Saturday? She put a few of them up on her blog - 10 Pounds of Squishy Goodness - I just love them... esp that first one w/ his eyes wide open. And on that note, if you wouldn't mind leaving a comment on there I would be very grateful. Or if you "like" her on facebook and mention that I sent you. 

Like I mentioned earlier, Kalila spent the night w/ Gran last night... and a good part of today. Sounds like they had a good time. Poor thing fell and bruised her face.. but like always she brushed it off pretty quickly. She was asleep when she came home though and when she woke up she was whiny and was telling me all about it like she was upset. Thankfully that didn't last long. Soon she was oohing and ahhing over Zavier lol. 

Not sure if you can see it, but here she is showing off her "boo boo" and another of her grinning, as you can see she's very happy now. 

ETA - I can't believe I almost forgot to mention this! Zavier met his Godmother today :-) I should have gotten a pic while she was here, but I didn't even think about it. My brain has been somewhere else lol. Not sure where... but somewhere. It was nice getting to see her again though and glad she was able to come. 

11 May, 2010

The Batik Artist

Haven't written any Afrika posts in awhile and have been thinking about doing another one on & off for awhile... and it just hit me the perfect post to do lol. Its another Zanzibar story..

One of the really interesting places to visit there is this old Omani fort. I'm pretty sure I went there w/ the guys the first year that I went to Zanzibar... but I know for sure that we went twice that last year. This story happened that last time that we went.  

Backing up a bit.. because we were on vacation, those of us there decided we were gonna go by our middle names that week. Well, one girl did her middle name & I did a variation of mine that got used a lot at the time... One of the guys picked something random & I don't remember what the other did lol. 

We had a great week & I'm sure there's other stories from it that may come up eventually... but it was ending and we were getting ready to fly back to Dar es Salaam and then onto Moshi. But we had some time left before we needed to get to the airport, so we went back to the fort...

One of the things you can do there is climb up into the towers and walk along (through) the walls and around. The one you go up has a batik artist who paints in there, I'm pretty sure you can buy from him too. 

So we went up there, looked around at the batiks for a bit... and he asked me my name. I gave him the one I was going by... and then we walked out to go to the other side... One of the guys went back first and was already down and in the grassy area before I decided to head down too (long story that I'm not getting into here lol). So I walked back into the tower by myself and the artist spoke to me again... 

And propositioned me. 

Yes... I told him no. I don't remember if I said it in Kiswahili or Arabic (apparently using the Arabic word for it is a... stronger... way to say it there, at least that's what I was told... and only got used in rare occasions like this lol), but I remember being very shocked when I did. 

We ended up joking about it later, but is definitely something I won't ever forget lol.


I've been curious about wool covers for awhile now... I never got any because they cost so much more, and I really like the ones we did buy anyway... but still curious. Everyone that uses them (at least that I know who do) raves about them. 

So I was excited when a friend gave me a bunch of wool covers that she made. 

Unfortunately most of them are just too small for poor Zavier. We have a couple more I haven't tried on him yet (need to be rewashed first, Kalila got ahold of them) so hopefully one or both of them will fit. 

The one we have tried... Lets just say its definitely a backup cover. If the others are all dirty... I'll use it. It doesn't fit quite right either. There's a gap at the waist so its a bit loose there... which means if he wets much (which he usually does) it will leak. I don't care for leaks. Our other covers don't... 

So yeah... wasn't impressed... but that's just one particular wool cover. I'm hoping the others (if they fit) turn out better.

10 May, 2010

Mothers Day

Meant to post yesterday but... didn't happen. Oh well. Hope everyone had a happy Mothers Day. Everyone that celebrates it that is lol. 

Ours was pretty good.

Got up and went to Church. It was Zavier's first time... and he did really good. Baba took Kalila and they sat w/ the choir... Zavier and I went into the cry room, but there really was no point. He slept through the entire Mass! We went and sat w/ Baba after Communion... Kalila did pretty good too from what I understand. Baba only had to take her out once... and when I went in she was quietly playing w/ a friend.. Started acting up a bit at the end, but not too much. 

Went to lunch w/ Gido after that... and then came back here to change the kids. Ended up resting/naps instead of what we'd planned to do and ended up moving plans w/ Gran back a bit because they were still asleep lol. 

Had dinner w/ Gran and Papa Brian... was really nice. Zavier slept through most of that too. Kalila showed off her new tricycle while we were there. They got it for her last weekend... Is pink and purple Barbie...with Tinkerbell pads/helmet lol. She just loves it. 

Was a nice day...

08 May, 2010

Choosing To Be Amused...

Sigh... apparently the break I had after locking up the blog is over. The commenter is back. Oh well... Last time I had the stupid pg hormones going still.. This time I'm choosing to be amused. Not only is this person not worth the time/energy but every time she or he opens their mouth they make it more clear that they have no clue what they're talking about. Its almost funny. No... not even almost. This time they made a comment about stained diapers (among other things) when the picture was of a brand new, never used one... That is funny. Rude... but still. Yes I have an off sense of humour.

Anyways, I've already given them more time than their worth between this and the reply... not sure why I bothered. With the reply that is... this I get... sharing my thoughts on the whole thing/not letting them get to me like last time bit. I wont if they pull it again. 

Beyond that...

Good news... We get to start moving in to the new place next weekend. So excited. We've been working on packing up for awhile now (not as much as we'd like, but still...) and I'm so tired of all that goes with that. 

Got some pictures a second ago... really hard to get a family pic w/ 4 of us and noone to take it for us lol. 

That actually started because I'm way too excited. I went to change clothes earlier and realized I can fit in my jeans again. How crazy is that? Granted these are pre Zavier jeans, not ones from before Kalila... I don't want to fit in those again though. 

Took a break in the middle of typing this up because we had to go get groceries...  I thought we were just going to HEB, but Baba remembered we were out of ground beef... so we went to Ali Baba's first. It was packed so we ended up parking next to the liquor store and while we walked past it Kalila pointed and said "I don't like that store!" - Completely random.. but made me laugh. 

Speaking of our trip out... I used our sleepy wrap out for the first time tonight. Went well. He slept the whole time we were in the store lol. 

Took Zavier to get pics taken this morning.. Originally we were going to have maternity pictures taken and then newborn ones... I was looking forward to it, but we didn't get to do the maternity part. Which is fine... Zavier didn't want to cooperate today though, just didn't want to fall asleep lol. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures whenever she gets them up. 

Kalila is still doing really good w/ Zavier. She loves to help out... Sometimes a little too much lol. She's good at helping me change diapers though (gets the stuff for me and/or holds his hands)... and she tries to calm him down when he gets upset in the truck. Today I looked back to see her letting him suck on her finger... She got excited tonight because he was "squishing" her hand... He was holding on to it lol. Oh and remember me telling you about her giving him her Diego doll? She did it again and I got this shot...

Tried on one of Zavier's 3 to 6 month outfits tonight... and it fits. Kinda happy about that because he doesn't have as many 0 to 3's and all the NB's are out lol.

He is doing really well too. He's eating well, if a bit too much at times lol. He's sleeping pretty well... I added the pretty because sometimes a certain overzealous big sister wakes him up trying to love on him. Nights are good though. He sleeps very good at night for an 8 day old. Not really much else to say though... at this point eating and sleeping (and of course what comes of those lol) is about all he does. :-D  I am enjoying the cute expressions he makes when he is awake though.. and the stretches and stuff. And like his sister he's been trying to hold his head up from day one. That always makes me smile. Oh and today he grabbed ahold of a couple things (a diaper cover I was about to put on him and something else that I can't remember)... on accident I know, but was still cute.

Anyways, I'm enjoying our weekend. I know Baba took some time off last week, but he's been back at work the past few days & its nice to have him home again. And on that note I'm getting back to it :-)

07 May, 2010

Oh Deer...

Today has really just been one of those days. Seriously emotional, all over the place, its just been crazy. 

Honestly the first part really started a few days ago and got worse yesterday & today both. Not going into details on this really, but basically dealing with an important decision and instead of it being an easy one like I thought, it hasn't been... its been back and forth and that is getting to me worse than it would have without that happening. Its gotten to the point that I got really frustrated yesterday & started getting a headache... which has continued to today and gotten worse today. I'm sure the heat didn't help with that, but still.

Then... I'm not sure if this was yesterday or today, because it was very late at night.. prob early this morning technically since I was waiting for laundry to finish and for Baba to get off. I got on Cafe Mom and read something that I'll come back to later... Was really hoping the person who posted was exaggerating, but got me upset anyway.

Then Baba came home... very late because he had to work late last night. I just happened to wake up when he came in... to find out that he'd been hit by 2 deer on the way home.  Yes hit by 2 deer. Think Gilmore Girls, only he was driving when it happened and not stopped at a stop sign. Apparently one hit him, he swerved and the second one hit then. Yes, we are laughing about it now... but... still pretty scary. Had me pretty upset when he told me... 

Woke up this morning, went to change Zavier and got pooped all over. Like seriously got pooped on. Shot out all over the place. Lovely right. Then in the middle of cleaning that up he peed all over himself and the bed (thankfully I didn't get that too). 

Then the Birth Center called to schedule our 2 week appointment. While they were on the phone I decided to ask about Zavier's blood type. There was a random problem getting it by our 2 day visit because it didn't get to the place in time (something that's never happened before, aren't we lucky lol)... After talking about it at the appointment we'd decided to go ahead and get the Rhogam shot then anyway because the chances of him being Rh neg were so low. I could have waited a day later and had them bring it to me if he's positive, but we didn't see the point. Figured it wouldn't hurt me if he's not and most likely I'd need it anyway right? Anyways, asked about it this morning... and found out that Zavier is negative lol. Go figure. I'm not gonna complain about the extra shot... and I was pretty excited about it anyway. 

Then... a facebook friend posted this New York Times article on the subject that I read about last night/this morning. It seems what I'd read was true... Completely upset me and I ended up bawling... That's just... disturbing doesn't even come close. I'm getting off of this before I get upset all over again. 
  •  ETA - I have the article linked above. I wish I could make links easier to see on here, but until I change my background again (whenever that may be lol) I can't do anything about that.

Finally got Baba and everyone else up and ready to go run a couple errands this morning and found out that I may have another babysitting job coming up. Really hoping/praying it doesn't fall through like the past few.  So that part of the whole trip out was really good... most of it was. Other than the heat. Way too hot. I can't believe I used to be comfortable at this temp or higher lol. 

Came back home to deal with the same stuff from the first part of the post... but other than that the rest of the day has been pretty uneventful. Doing laundry, cuddling w/ kids, all that fun stuff lol. 


06 May, 2010

Wearing Zavier

I have no clue if I've mentioned it or not, probably have, but I really wanted to wear Kalila when she was little. We didn't for several reasons... 

The sling we got was a Hotslings... No this is not one of the ones recalled or that has had problems. Different style. I liked the way it looked, seemed easy to use and was a lot less expensive than some of the others... Unfortunately it didn't fit right. We ordered a size bigger than they said I'd need for my size (not on purpose) and it was still too small. A friend passed on some homemade ones of the same style and they didn't fit either. I tried several times as she grew and we were never able to make them work. I know lots of people love those, but.. not for me.

We were also given a Bjorn... I tried it out when she was a little older and it was too hard on my back. I have scoliosis, and while it has never bothered me before... it did cause problems with the epidural I got with her... which caused problems for quite awhile afterwards... and this carrier made it hurt even more. I found out later its not good for those w/ back problems. 

After that I started looking into ones easier on the back... which is how I came up with wanting to try the Sleepy Wrap this time. Well, originally I wanted a Moby... which is very similar lol. But we got a Sleepy Wrap. I'm getting ahead of myself though... 

On top of all that, we were given a travel system & I felt like we "had" to use it... I meant to do both but added to the above issues it never happened. I disliked the whole travel system thing the whole time... more so the longer we used it lol... but felt stuck at that point. 

Side note: I do have plenty of kanga's... but was never shown how to tie the baby on with them and was uncomfortable doing that by myself. Tried a couple times and just couldn't get the hang of it... I would still like to figure those out, and will probably try again at some point lol.

Yes, I do feel bad that I didn't get to wear Kalila. 

Skip forward to when we got that Sleepy Wrap. Very excited about it... Thought I would be using it a little earlier than I have, but of course I wasn't expecting Zavier to be as big as he is or to be told not to carry him around for the first little bit period because of that lol.  

I did pull it out yesterday though... Baba's first day back at work and I knew I'd be needing it more and more soon. Pretty much just sat with him in it yesterday... and wore him a bit today. I have to say it is very comfortable. It does not hurt my back... of course other than the normal end of pg and labour stuff that hasn't been an issue this time around.  He seems to like it too, sleeps very well when I put him in there. 

I'll have to put updates on it as he gets older and we use it more, but here are a few pics. 

Oh... and while this is available from FG (I almost got one from them but decided to pick it up in person), I'm not gonna go near that subject w/ this post. I may put up a link to it on the side later on... but the whole point of this post was to show off pictures lol.. and to sit down for a second. :-D

05 May, 2010

Diapering a Newborn

If you remember back when I started this blog we were using disposable diapers at the time... Kalila was somewhere around 6 months old when we switched and I really looked forward to using cloth from the beginning w/ this little guy. At the same time... I wasn't sure how it would go lol. I wasn't worried or anything, just had nothing to draw from. 

Our original plan was to get through this newborn stage w/ Gerber prefolds... because they go through so many changes anyway. Thankfully we haven't had to do that though... between one friend passing on some of her newborn diapers (mostly unused, and those that were were barely used) and another getting some for us off the registry... we have plenty. And as big as this guy is... the infant size does still fit, and fits a ton better than the Gerbers do. 

I'm not going to go into detail about the covers just yet, because I want to break them down by brand... Sorry about that, but those posts will come soon I promise. And I'm sure there will be more than one because it is still early lol. 

So far I love using them on a newborn just as much as I did on a 6 month old and as much as I do on a toddler. It was a bit of an adjustment figuring out how to fold them again lol. I'm not sure if that was just because of his age/size or because he's a boy though. 

I wish I could remember when Kalila's blowouts started with the disposables... so I could compare that. We've had none w/ these so far... But yeah, I don't remember if hers started this early or not. 

Speaking of diapers though... I think I have another one to change ;-)

Small Change

Sorry I haven't posted this before now... I probably should have yesterday, but lots going on obviously lol.  At least I got it up on the disclaimer page lol.


Look to your right & you'll see a link to Franklin Goose. Same store I've mentioned a couple times lately because they did that big promotion... which really helped us out a lot. 

Random side note: Our mattress came in the other day. It actually came the same day Zavier did lol. We were still at the Birth Center and everything. Thankfully our neighbor signed for us. 

So FG started up a new program recently that I signed up for. Basically its an affiliate program... Official details linked here. Long story short though - I have a link to them on my site, if you click over from here I'll get paid a small percentage. I can also link to specific products for the same result... 

Which is why I updated my disclaimer page... Haven't put up any specific products yet, but if/when I do I will let you know that they fall under this. If I'm reviewing something that is not on there (and no chance I would make money off of) I will let you know that too. 

Hope there's no confusion about this... I just saw the program and figured it was too good to pass up, esp coming from this company that I absolutely love. 

Franklin Goose - Organic Baby Store

04 May, 2010

3 Years

Yup... Today was our 3 year anniversary. :-)  

I wanted to have pictures to put up, but... Kalila's refusing clothes most of the day, the cake I had planned... well it tastes good but something went off w/ the icing & it looks like... well... not so nice lol. Is a good thing I gave up the idea of trying to actually decorate it or I really would have been disappointed. As is it was just annoying. 

We've just had a nice lazy day today though. Got a bit done, but got some rest and stuff too. It was nice. 

03 May, 2010

Brother & Sister

Yup, she's a proud big sister all right!

So far we've been pretty lucky. Kalila is thrilled to have a baby brother around... and she's doing really well with him. We do have to remind her to be gentle, but it really isn't that bad either. Nowhere near what I thought since she tends to be pretty rough normally. I think the biggest issue we're having is a twist on the whole jealousy thing. She isn't upset a bit by us paying attention to him... but wants him to herself instead. She's constantly asking to hold him... 

But she's been really sweet too. Likes to cuddle up with us. The first night we were home she came up while he was sleeping on me and laid down and fell asleep too. Last night she brought us her blanket and tucked us in.. then joined us.  I got pics of those obviously, but wish I'd gotten one earlier today when she gave him her stuffed Diego doll. 

Beyond all that...

So far these two are so different... which I knew they could be. I'd commented to Baba before about it, that I wondered how he'd be... and kinda hoped we'd have a calm baby. He didn't think we would lol. And its still early so this could end up changing, but so far we do. He does like to be held... and def lets us know it when he does get mad lol. But still much calmer.

They don't look very much alike either, Kalila looked like Baba from day 1... We're not sure about Zavier. A couple of my aunts/uncles think he looks like Grandpa lol. He def has the same lips as Kalila and foot shape (the first is one of the few things Kalila did get from me, the second is all Baba). We think he has my nose... but is really hard to tell.  Kalila was born w/ brown eyes that went green several days later and bounced back and forth before staying brown... Zavier's were a greyish green right from the start... haven't changed yet (but its still so early). We're really curious to see what they'll do. Kinda hoping they stay green though, is a really pretty colour. He has reddish blond hair right now along w/ light eyebrows and eyelashes. Curious if that'll change or not too. Kalila's started out black and gradually got lighter before turning red. Not the same shade his is, but the same as Baba's beard lol. Zavier's is closer to mine. They both do have Baba's eyebrow shape though lol. So cute... And they both do sleep exactly like Baba too :-D  (as you saw in the pic from the BC the other day).

Now what they do have in common... and this just hits me as extremely odd. 

With both kids I went into labour the day after the full moon. They were both born the next morning after that. Kalila was born just before 9 am, Zavier just before 8 am. The day/evening after both births Baba had events to go to at the Church (w/ Kalila it was a fundraiser, w/ Zavier it was a family wedding) and he danced in both events.

How weird is that?

Sacrifice Beads Giveaway

I hadn't heard of Sacrifice Beads until recently, from a post on A Woman's Place... but I love the idea. So excited that she's doing a give away for a set. Its going until Sunday the 9th, so if you're interested head over here to enter... and good luck!

01 May, 2010

Just In Time...

As much as part of me wanted a May baby... I think Zavier had perfect timing.

I haven't really said much about it on here (mostly didn't want to get hopes up lol) but I'd been having pressure waves on and off for quite awhile. The last week or so they'd definitely gotten more regular, but just not close enough to go in. And as much as I wanted a May baby... I was starting to get nervous about it for reasons I'm pretty sure I did mention in the last few days.

So before yesterday I didn't get lower than 6 minutes apart... they got to that so often that I didn't think anything of it when they did yesterday either. Then a few got down to 4 and I let Baba know just like we'd talked about. He was at work... I laid down and listened to one of my hypnobabies scripts before he headed here... and then it seemed like it slowed down lol. At that point I figured we were not having a baby today.

On that note: I had not been good at practicing lately... partly because of Kalila. Is just hard to do alone w/ one toddler running around. I tried, and some days were better than others... Like I said, last nights script went pretty well while I had it on. Kalila did wake up towards the end, just before Baba got home and I had to get up.

Then Baba got home... and we started noticing them close together again... So we called our midwife and let her know. I felt really bad about that at the time because it was 2 in the morning lol. She had us go through another couple and see if we felt like coming in after them... I had one as soon as I hung up and another 2 min later lol. So we decided to take a quick shower and head over. Part of me was worried it was a false alarm though and that I'd be keeping them (and us) up for nothing.

So we got there and decided to check and see what was going on. I was right, my water had not broken... Dilated to 5 when they started the check and went to a 7 in the middle of it! So definitely staying at that point...

They had to have the hot water turned on (renovations to another part of the building) before we could fill up the tub so I spent a good chunk of time on one of the birthing balls... Tried to lay down and rest at one point, which wasn't too bad since I played the script again, but it wasn't near as comfortable so I ended up back on the ball.

Not that you can see it, but here I am on it lol.

And here's Baba & Kalila listening to music on the couch. And eating taco's... Yes we had a taco run just before this lol.

At some point Gido and Gran showed up and Kalila went in to watch Finding Nemo with them... She ended up crashing on the floor lol. I wish we'd gotten a pic of that. Prob should ask Baba if he did... As much as I wished she'd be there, it was so late/early and she was exhausted...

I had another check at that point... was at 8, but just shy of 9... So they decided to fill up the tub, but have me walk a little bit to help me get to 9.

The next little bit I'm a little unclear on what happened when exactly lol. I got in the tub, which was great... But I ended up shaking pretty bad, normal at that point.. but a little uncomfortable. We put on my affirmations cd. Maybe I should have done one of the scripts instead, but I was having trouble staying relaxed... towards the end they gave me some Rescue Remedy (not a pain med, a natural mix that helps calm you down) and that did help some w/ that. Poor Baba was stuck putting pressure on my back (and hurting his in the process) because me being tensed up and stuff equaled my back hurting pretty badly. Honestly I think that was the worst part lol.

Sorry about the belly shot lol, blame Baba he's the one that took this for me. I made do w/ something I had on hand for a "birth skirt" and it didn't work out so well, but at least it kept me decent for a picture lol.  Edited the last one obviously, so that I could put up one from a bit later on.. 

Pushing... not going to go into a ton of details here lol (or post pics for that matter), but really it seemed a lot easier that transformation (Hypnobabies term for transition). I was still a bit nervous... esp about tearing. For one thing I did (only slightly though) w/ Kalila and for another I was kinda bad at one point... I'd started pushing w/ a pressure wave and just kept going when it was over lol. I just wanted him out at that point and stopping didn't feel right. But, yeah, it worried me too. It got him out though lol. (and random side note: I didn't tear, worried over nothing. Not really sure how I didn't though). They did have to stop after he was partway out and unwrap the cord from his neck. Kalila had that too so I wasn't worried... What was different was they had to break the sac to do it because he was born in the caul. Kalila's had been broken (by the nurses :-/ ) early in labour. Anyways, I thought that was cool, and kind of a good thing since I tested GBS positive when we took that test, water breaking later = good thing, not at all = even better, but I didn't expect that to happen lol.

Best part of that... I got to catch the "little" guy. Wasn't something I planned to do, was spur of the moment... and I'm glad I did.

A couple of things happened diff than I'd planned at that point, but not anything I'm upset about... I didn't get to nurse immediately/right away. He did come straight up on my chest, but he'd passed maconium so they had to check him out to make sure he hadn't inhaled any or anything. We did also cut the cord before the placenta was delivered, but at least it was still delayed... and I understood why they needed to do it. Had to draw blood from it to test his blood type and everything since I'm Rh neg. Surprisingly all the end stuff went very well and quickly too... and soon we were in the bed snuggled up and he did get to nurse.

Everyone was surprised by how big he was... Lots of guessing before he got weighed lol. Everyone was pretty close too... He's 10 lbs 1 oz.  How crazy is that? The length didn't surprise me at all... We knew he had to be long. Is 22 and a quarter inches. Oh and he was born at 7:42 this morning.  We left around 2 pm and came home. After getting a bunch of instructions of things to watch for and do of course... We go back in for a checkup Sunday afternoon.

Kalila woke up and the first thing she said (I was expecting her to yell out baby!) was boob! Made us all laugh... but she got very excited very quickly and has spent all day trying to help.

Now lets see if I can get these pics added so I can post this tonight lol. Might be hard since Zavier's sleeping on my lap right now lol. 

Ok, that obviously didn't happen lol. The camera was out in the truck. I do have more pics on the phone, but need the other computer to get them up.. and most of them are taken here at home so it makes more sense to wait and put them w/ the next post anyways. :-)