22 April, 2010

The Trip...

Sorry, I know this was forever ago so I have prob forgotten half of it... 

We've been wanting to go down to visit my side of the family for quite awhile and finally managed it before it was too late for me to travel. Was an interesting trip down... we had to stop every hour or so. Not too unusual, we tend to do that anyway... but I definitely noticed we needed it this time. Unfortunately we learned the hard way that one of the stops is no longer open (therefor no bathroom) lol.  

We stopped off in FS first and visited w/ Granny & Nana... I wish I'd gotten pics w/ them but these were all we got. 


 Then we headed off to VH to see the others... Stayed the night there before heading back the next evening. Was nice visiting w/ everyone... Once again I wish I'd gotten more pics, esp when Kalila got to meet Grandma. But, these were all we got. :-(

Sorry, I wish I could say more... but its been over a month (at least) since we went. The trip back went well... We had a lot of fun. Looking forward to going back :-)


kim said...

its nice to visit with family. cute pics in the previous post too.