29 April, 2010


Ok so we're expecting some of that at some point right?

  • I've mentioned before that potty training has just not happened, so no worries about that one lol. Part of me feels bad about it, because I know part of it is me not working on it as much as I'd planned... but she started fighting it at one point too & I'm not gonna force her. She'll do it when she's ready... and from what I've been told she might have gone backwards after Zavier comes anyway.  
  • The main thing she's already doing this with is baby talk. She can speak just fine... but she's started using baby talk again. Not every day, not even all day... but still. Some days are better than others with it. I've caught myself telling her to use her words more times than I ever thought I would lol. And I'm not the only one who's noticed either, Tia Sallie has caught it too. I want to say this one is just in the last few weeks, maybe a month at most...  
  • She's also acted like she wants to nurse again a few times. Hasn't happened lol... but she'll mimic it or talk about it. Mostly she talks about Zavier doing it, but still.  
  • Bed.. the past week I haven't even been able to get her down in her own room. 

I know it could be worse... and may be after Zavier gets here. We'll see... I'm hoping not lol. 

Pics from tonight... Yes these are of her misbehaving :-/  I love her, but it looks like its gonna be one of those nights....


I suppose this can fall under the same title lol.  

Yesterday I got on my old email that I rarely check. I knew I needed to clean it out, and I get updates from a friend on there... ended up going through a bunch of old emails. Even found the ones from when Baba was in Austria. Made me smile... Was def a good distraction lol. 

And yes, if you can't tell I'm still trying to distract myself. Been redoing housework all day today mostly... That and dealing with a grump. It didn't help that I dropped a dish (and broke it) scaring her in the process. Ended up w/ clingy Kalila after that... and now its gone to whining & fit throwing. And now she's begging for Baba... who is at work.  (As I just message him about when his break is and praying its soon so she can at least talk to him)

Ok, he just called and she's just holding the phone looking sad... :-( 

On a happy note (because the day hasn't been all bad, don't get me wrong)... 

  • Kalila's started talking about "her family" today. Made me draw us a few times... I'll spare you the stick figures lol. She was so excited though.  
  • She's learned to run in her flip flops... Did that for the first time today lol. 
  • Told me a little while ago that she wants chorizo lol. 
  • Has taken over the role of reminding me to drink enough water. 

Ok, I need to get going... laundry to switch out and its hard typing w/ little miss in my lap (can you believe she still fits???).  Before I do though... Seriously pray this little one doesn't show up in the next couple days. Baba's predicting tonight again, which wouldn't be as bad.. but still lol.



kim said...

those pics are hysterical! I have to take one of sofia being bad now..good to show her years from now what she put me through some

oh I love your updates, good and bad ones. they are cute.