08 April, 2010

More Detergent Trials

Just finished up our batch of the detergent I mentioned here. Like I guessed, it did work well... I haven't figured up the costs yet... mostly because I have no idea what we paid for the oxi-clean. We haven't had to buy any in so long (gotta love Sams) that it slipped my mind. We will need to pick up some more soon though, so hopefully I can get that done. 

Just after I made that batch though someone brought up a point that I hadn't thought of. Our diapers and the soap in the detergent recipe. I'd seen others mention they'd used it on cloth diapers w/ no problem but a good point was made... Soap can coat them and make them less absorbant. I hadn't noticed anything like that... but others had noticed an ammonia smell that I hadn't noticed (I haven't been able to smell correctly in oh about 9 months lol) so I had to wonder if that could be part of it. So I went in search of a cloth diaper safe recipe.  

I found one... but not completely happy w/ it because it does include borax. I got it from here, and its basically 1 cup each of borax, washing soda & oxiclean free (or baby oxiclean).  I'm still searching for a borax free version, but for now this does work... 

This brings up another question I was asked recently (and had no idea the answer to until a few min ago when I looked it up). The difference between regular oxiclean and the baby version? The baby kind has no dyes or fragrances. 

And while I was searching for another diaper friendly recipe I also started looking up adding citric acid into my regular mix. Apparently it helps hard water, which we have... and we keep a good amount of it around too so its not like its something we'd need extra of.  I found a recipe that includes it, but it was a borax recipe... so I figured I'd just add it in to the one I'm already using (since I just had to make up a new batch anyway) and we'll see if there's any difference :-) What can I say, I'm having fun with it... 

Beyond all that... clothes are still looking/smelling good... I like having more room in the laundry room (takes up less space). If I don't get distracted while making it, it only takes a few minutes (note: chatting online and grating soap really isn't a good idea. Something that takes 1 to 2 minutes at most, can drag out to 30 lol). And I love not having to run everything through so many wash cycles to get all the soap out. This stuff comes out in one, where every store brand I tried took several no matter how little detergent I added to the wash. I am still running an extra cycle on the diapers, but before I had to run them through at least 3 or 4 times after so big difference there still. 

Of course, on a similar note, I still really want to try Rockin' Green lol. Keep entering contests to win some online and just haven't managed it yet... 

Now back to really doing laundry instead of just talking about it lol.