07 April, 2010

Having Fun

Ok, I'm still tired from yesterday... and thought I'd post some of the pics I've gotten lately.

Kalila at bedtime. She insisted on Mumble sleeping with her... She managed to catch her and get her there. Of course it didn't last long. Glad I got a pic though! 

After picking out her outfit for today, Kalila insisted on having some pictures taken... Can you believe I just cleaned that stinking room? I have my work cut out for me today... and little miss is not getting out of helping either! 

After that pic, she wanted some w/ her new pink flamingo that Uncle Trevor gave her... She's just in love with the thing lol. 

Then she decided her baby was hungry... I wish I'd had it on video because she was telling me all about it lol.

Ok, these are not Kalila, but I have to share because too cute. Will be even cuter when I get pics of someone in them though...  One of Baba's aunts gave us a couple onsies for Zavier the other day... they're from a line that another family member started and sells online. Sorry, just had to share... too excited to have a couple more things on his section of the closet (can't even say side lol).

These are a little older... but Kalila cracked me up the other day. Insisted on wearing two pairs of shorts at once! 

Ok, I've gotta go. Not only do I need to wash Baba's socks, but now I need to prep some new diapers too. :-D  Sorry, very excited about that too. Gotta love unexpected mail!


kim said...

cute expressions on her face in these ones

MK said...