23 April, 2010

Getting Out

I wish I could say I had pics, but no... none from today. We had a really good day though.

Tia Sallie called this morning and said she was off and wanted to go out, wanted to know if we wanted to as well... So Kalila and I got ready and the three of us (later 4 since Uncle Brian joined us) had a great day. I couldn't believe it when we started back and it was around 6 lol. 

We started out w/ lunch... then headed over to BRU where we thought there was a sale... Not so much, but we did leave w/ a diaper bag (baby gift for Zavier from them). Very excited about it because we really needed a new one and this one is a lot sturdier. Not the cutest one there, another almost got picked because it was so adorable... but this one was a little bigger and we both liked how sturdy it seems to be. I just looked it up online and it has great reviews too.  Link for anyone interested lol.  We looked at the clothes too, but hardly any boy stuff and most of the boy stuff they had was awful. 

From there we went to the mall, met up w/ Uncle Brian... and looked at this baby store Tia Sallie had told us about awhile back. Really good prices... Like stuff for 2 and 3 dollars... and they split the store in half between boy & girl so there's actually a good selection of boy clothes! I didn't pick up much... but found a Batman set that I knew Baba would love, and a couple outfits for Sundays. I know he's gonna be in onsies a lot for awhile, but still... would like to have something for Church lol. Kalila made us all laugh by refusing to budge from the shoe section... Such a girl. 

Then we went and got food again... and Kalila jumped all over her uncle and just had a blast playing w/ him. Even gave him a kiss on the cheek at one point. Too cute. We talked for quite awhile before leaving. 

So now we're home... which just as much to do as before. Maybe a little more because of extra laundry lol. No complaints though. When I first came in I was so tired I wasn't sure how I was gonna get off of here, but I'm starting to get some energy back...  As long as Kalila doesn't insist on me laying down on her bedroom floor when I put her down in a bit, I should be good. 

Uh yeah... remember the week of being sick? Little miss got used to sleeping on the couch for the first part of the night (she was so miserable we didn't fight it and it helped us keep an eye on her) that she's been fighting us on her bed lately. So the past two nights I've ended up on her floor until she crashes. It works but at this point laying on the floor not so comfortable lol. Hopefully she'll do better tonight.


kim said...

we had a shopping day here too. didn't get much though a lot of looking at stuff.

MK said...

Nice! I did more looking than buying too... just the outfits and I don't feel too bad about that because the place has good prices (like 1.99, 2.99 sections and such).