27 April, 2010

41 Weeks - Part 2

Ok, appointment this morning... went well as always. 

Good news, the graduation is not as early as I was thinking. Is not until this weekend.. same time as the wedding really, so its just that day or so I really need to worry about (well few days since there's stuff for that around it).  On top of that, they do have a plan in place for it... My midwife isn't leaving until Friday and only if she hasn't heard from me... and has it all mapped out to get back asap if things start happening. Hopefully a non issue though. 

We also talked about what happens if I get past 42 weeks. I already kinda knew, but not when... If I make it to next Tuesday I'll be getting the ultrasound (basically) then, and we'll go from there. She explained how they measure it on a scale and what each would mean. Once again hopefully not an issue lol. 

Natural induction methods... I'm actually not comfortable with most of them. If we get past 42 weeks and Zavier doesn't pass the tests then we'll go there then, but def not before that.  I did let her do the pressure points thing with my check... mostly because Baba wants him out lol. Well that and I'm nervous about the whole weekend thing.  We'll see what happens though.  

I am dilated to a 4 now, so there is some improvement... and Zavier is still doing great. Apparently he takes after his sister and has a small head. I'm not complaining about that lol. 

Oh and tonight is a full moon, so crossing fingers here ;-) 

On a completely unrelated note... Remember that post about first two blog posts win a free tichel that I thought I had no chance of winning, but tried anyway? I got it.. and it came in today. So excited! I didn't pick the colour or anything, but it turned out to be one I love.  My first thought was how thin it is... but the colours work well to "fix" that when its folded... and that could be a really good thing in the summer. Wow this first pic isn't great lol... Kalila came up and said something as I was taking it lol.

And here's some pics of me & Kalila yesterday...


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Love Kalila with the stickers on her belly! I can't wait to meet little Mr. Z. Don't you love the suspense? So much cooler than getting induced.

MK said...

Yeah :-) She got me with them too, but I wasn't putting that on here lol.

And completely... I would hate to have to be induced.

kim said...

if you are at a 4 already seriously i can't see you making it to 42 weeks. at 5 ppl get i think i got an epidural at a 4 i would say in a day or two and he's out...and this will be a fast labour.

MK said...

LOL Yeah that's when I got one w/ Kalila...