26 April, 2010

41 Weeks - Part 1

Two part post for this week because my appointment is tomorrow morning. More pics than anything this week I suppose.

I am starting to get nervous... Not because I'm 41 weeks and he's not here yet. That's fine... Not about giving birth... Just the fact that so much is going on this week that it could be a little crazy!

Remember me saying one of the apprentices is graduating? Everyone is going to that... I forgot to ask exactly what will happen if he decides to come then... Can and will ask tomorrow. I'm sure it will work out if it does, but still a little nervous about that.

Then... one of Baba's cousins is getting married on Saturday. And Aunt Sonia is in the wedding and has stuff to do for several stuff before connected to it... and of course the wedding itself. I have this fear of my water breaking while we're there lol. Luckily the bride's being really nice about it, but still... 

Although, still have to say if that does happen I'm holding to what I told Baba before... we can't leave before they cut the cake ;-)

Now on to pics and other 41 week randomness...

Here I am... Yes another of Baba's shirts. I'd say they're all that fit me anymore, but they don't either. :-/

Look Zavier has clothes! Maybe not many but I don't feel quite as bad about it as I did before.. he'll have something to wear lol. 

Sleepywrap! No haven't gotten our Franklin Goose order in... I actually had to cancel this off of the order and pick it up here because its just not gonna be in from them in time. Not their fault, its backordered and they're swamped from the promotion. No complaints at all...  I need to get this washed today. Oh and if you can't tell, I got the blue one... not red like the box lol.

And since I picked it up here I got a $10 gift cert in my bag (didn't even notice until we got home lol) to so I'm gonna look around on there and see if there's anything we want/need from there.  

Ok, I need to get dinner started (crockpot) and do a few things around here... so I'm off! Hopefully more news to come soon :-D


Marni's Organized Mess said...

Hooray for 41 weeks! Sorry it's a nervous time.

MK said...

Thanks... And its ok :-)

Mistika said...

Oh gosh That is allot 41 weeks I feel for you!

Christy said...

You have to be anxious for your little boy to make his appearance! I have a feeling he'll be born tomorrow.

kim said...

sooner vs later i hope for all the commotion sake. it would be kinda cute though to tell him he was born at a

MK said...

Christy - That would be convienent... esp since we're going in for the appointment lol.

Kim - Thanks lol. The upside is our Church is literally right down the street. Not to far from here either, but would be an even faster trip..

sabiwabi said...

i went 42 weeks with baby #1...see if you can beat that. LOL!