19 April, 2010

40 Weeks And St. Expeditus

Yes, I know St. Gerard is the patron of pg women, childbirth, and all that... but St. Expeditus has been, well a joke is not the right way to put it, but we've kidded about it a bit because his feast day and my guess date are on the same day.

I thought it was amusing when I found out because he's the patron saint of procrastinators... If you don't know me or Baba well then it probably isn't as funny, but... yeah. 

So why we had a feeling this little guy would be early... who knows. LOL

Anyways... I've made it to 40 weeks. Which I'm really happy about. Baba maybe not as much, but I am. Not gonna lie, I am getting anxious to meet him too. Like I said the other day, I bounce around between whether I want him to come now or wait a little longer like I started off hoping for lol. And its not day to day either, but diff times of the day lol. 

We did finally get his carseat in the truck... Finally. So that is done now too. 

We also picked up a couple last minute things we needed (well one was more a want than need, but will make life a little more convenient).  Took us a couple weeks to do it because the store is open such a short time on Sat and we couldn't find it last week lol... but we went for the one thing (milkies, so excited to actually find them!) and found the wet bag we'd had on our list too. That one we really did need... The one we had was nice, lasted 2 years... but its gotten to the point its giving up and doesn't work well anymore. Not an item that you can really make do w/ if its not working... I want to get another for a backup at some point, but not worried about it right now. We can still tech. use the old one if we need too (just can't forget the tto inside!). 

I need to go through Kalila's newborn stuff still lol. Almost forgot until Baba mentioned the little hats. Most of hers were neutral so I should be able to pull them out... will prob do that tonight. 

Yes, I'm trying to find stuff to do lol. 

I tried to get a good 40 week pic too just now... Uggh, yeah not so much. I stayed up way too late last night so been tired all day, should have expected this... So apologies for crappy pic. I wouldn't even post it except I'm trying to keep up with these. 


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

My friend Betsy is 4 days overdue now. You are both in my prayers!

I'd never heard of milkies before. I just looked it up. Sounds like a good idea in those early mos. when you get a lot of leakage on the opposite side :-)

MK said...

Awww.. Thanks! I went 6 days "over" with Kalila so we shouldn't really have expected Zavier to be much earlier.

I figured people wouldn't have, is why I linked the page for them. I love the idea though. So excited about not wasting so much milk.

Deborah said...

The milkies sound interesting. Once you start using one, I'd love it if you could let us know how well they work and if they're really as convenient as they claim to be.

MK said...

Of course! I'm looking forward to doing that lol.

kim said...

can't wait to see/hear of him too. never heard of a st. expeditus..thats really funny.

Anonymous said...

Well it certainly won't be as long as it has been!! This is so exciting, you would think I was pregnant or something lol.

MK said...

Kim - I hadn't either until I looked to see what feast was closest to the guess date. Is interesting :-)

Angela - Good point! And LOL... I get like that watching other people's pg's too sometimes. There's been so many lately.