29 April, 2010


Ok so we're expecting some of that at some point right?

  • I've mentioned before that potty training has just not happened, so no worries about that one lol. Part of me feels bad about it, because I know part of it is me not working on it as much as I'd planned... but she started fighting it at one point too & I'm not gonna force her. She'll do it when she's ready... and from what I've been told she might have gone backwards after Zavier comes anyway.  
  • The main thing she's already doing this with is baby talk. She can speak just fine... but she's started using baby talk again. Not every day, not even all day... but still. Some days are better than others with it. I've caught myself telling her to use her words more times than I ever thought I would lol. And I'm not the only one who's noticed either, Tia Sallie has caught it too. I want to say this one is just in the last few weeks, maybe a month at most...  
  • She's also acted like she wants to nurse again a few times. Hasn't happened lol... but she'll mimic it or talk about it. Mostly she talks about Zavier doing it, but still.  
  • Bed.. the past week I haven't even been able to get her down in her own room. 

I know it could be worse... and may be after Zavier gets here. We'll see... I'm hoping not lol. 

Pics from tonight... Yes these are of her misbehaving :-/  I love her, but it looks like its gonna be one of those nights....


I suppose this can fall under the same title lol.  

Yesterday I got on my old email that I rarely check. I knew I needed to clean it out, and I get updates from a friend on there... ended up going through a bunch of old emails. Even found the ones from when Baba was in Austria. Made me smile... Was def a good distraction lol. 

And yes, if you can't tell I'm still trying to distract myself. Been redoing housework all day today mostly... That and dealing with a grump. It didn't help that I dropped a dish (and broke it) scaring her in the process. Ended up w/ clingy Kalila after that... and now its gone to whining & fit throwing. And now she's begging for Baba... who is at work.  (As I just message him about when his break is and praying its soon so she can at least talk to him)

Ok, he just called and she's just holding the phone looking sad... :-( 

On a happy note (because the day hasn't been all bad, don't get me wrong)... 

  • Kalila's started talking about "her family" today. Made me draw us a few times... I'll spare you the stick figures lol. She was so excited though.  
  • She's learned to run in her flip flops... Did that for the first time today lol. 
  • Told me a little while ago that she wants chorizo lol. 
  • Has taken over the role of reminding me to drink enough water. 

Ok, I need to get going... laundry to switch out and its hard typing w/ little miss in my lap (can you believe she still fits???).  Before I do though... Seriously pray this little one doesn't show up in the next couple days. Baba's predicting tonight again, which wouldn't be as bad.. but still lol.


28 April, 2010

A Little More Kalila

This little girl just has me shaking my head lol.  You just never know what's gonna pop out of her mouth.... Just the amount of talking for one. More sentences... Making up stories (that may or may not make sense lol).

She just told me she's a bad Kalila. Not something she hears from us of course, honestly bothers me when she says it... is not the first time. There was an episode of Martha Speaks where there was a "bad dog" (was really a bad owner who was mistreating him and constantly telling him he was a bad dog). She'd picked it up somewhere else before, not sure where, but both Baba and I had gotten the "bad mama" and "bad baba" comments before and they'd finally stopped until this show.  Uggh, I can hear her telling Kimosimi that she's a bad Kalila and he's a bad cat right now.

On the other hand, she likes to tell us that we're the best ever now... and that we're smart, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, etc... Those she did get from us cause we tell her she is quite a bit lol. Well, not entirely sure where the best ever part came from, but its cute so we'll keep it ;-).  Honestly... beyond the whole cuteness factor of it.. it has another upside. Lately I haven't felt like the best mama ever, so her saying it is pretty nice.  Makes me feel better if I'm having a bad day or part of the day.

Awhile back we started picking up more Dr. Suess books... Something we've meant to do for awhile. She's going nuts over them. The ABC book is one of her favourites and I've noticed a huge improvement w/ her recognizing her letters. She could say them before and had a few down... but now she has most of them. There's moments when she decides to be silly and guess the wrong ones, I don't know if she's just playing or tired of working on it when she does that... but its obvious what she's doing too because she gets really hyper and laughs while she's doing it. 

The love you's...  Of course we love to hear those lol. Just last night she cuddled up and said "You love me, I love you, we love each other" - the last part of that was new & I couldn't help but aww over it.  But at the same time she has these moments where she gets all stubborn and tells us repeatedly that we don't love her. Which obviously bothers both of us. Sometimes she acts like she's playing when she says it and will say its funny... obviously we tell her its not... but other times she seems like she's mad or something (or will say she's mad).  Either way I don't like it.  I like the cute/sweet I love you's.. or when she walks up and says that one of us loves her (even when Baba's at work she'll come up and tell me he does) or that one of us loves the other (me & Baba). 

Sleep is uggh. Some nights are better than others. As always. I could write more but I have a feeling I've said it all before on this subject. 

She still loves to sing and dance.  Its so hard to keep her from joining in when Baba has practice (they're getting ready for Folklife now). Right now I've got "Hey Soul Sister" on (one of her fav songs) and she's dancing around me... She has all the words to it down, but instead is being silly and singing along in baby talk w/ really exaggerated expressions. LOL now its turned into ballet like dancing. Random...

Now she's on to drawing lol. She pulled out one of Baba's pens but that's ok... I actually prefer that to the crayons cause she still tries to eat those occasionally. Mostly she's still scribbling, more than mostly lol... but she tells me what they are now... A few days ago she drew the family. Baba's scribble was a little bigger than mine, hers was little and Zavier was a tiny line lol. I was impressed... as goofy as it was. If I could find the paper I'd take a pic of it, but its covered in other "pictures" too so not sure it'd be worth it even if I could lol. She can kind of do circles too, just well enough you can tell its supposed to be one. 

We're still having some fits... Now I know that's prob gonna continue for awhile, but she's had some that literally have me at a loss of what to do. I'm just glad those days aren't as often as the good ones... but when they happen.. 

Not that I prob should have been watching it, but there was a marathon on of "I didn't know I was pregnant" last night and she walked in on part of one... That I don't have an issue with her seeing as a general rule, but it was bedtime... Anyways... She walked in to see this woman on the toilet screaming her head off. Kalila's reaction? She started jumping up and down all excited saying "A baby! A baby! I love babies!" They hadn't even shown it yet lol.  I just thought that was cute... 

Similar note, she's still in excited mode about Zavier. We'll see how long that lasts after he gets here... but for now she's talking about him being born and stuff.

Stubborn... Sorry that just came up again. Telling me no. Just threatened to spank my theezo and now is shushing me. Sigh... 

She has been trying to help out some more around here though... Is very insistent on cleaning lol... and likes to feed the kitties. Thankfully she doesn't try to eat it anymore, that stopped awhile back. I have, however, caught her stirring the food w/ stuff and singing "bate bate chocolate". 

I could go on, but I know this is long... I'll try to find a few new pics to add in instead lol. Sorry, trying to distract myself if you can't tell. 

This is a little older, back around Easter... Kalila w/ her Ammo Trevor. 

About to get a bath after drawing all over herself.. If I remember correctly it was good I dumped her in here like this before getting her ready for said bath because it was the same day I learned that I really like the Wonder Wraps cover lol.

Tackeling the kitties...

Painting on her "new" table (hand me down from her best friend). Is so nice to have a place to actually do stuff like this now. 

What little miss has done to my birth ball... I just caught her at it again. 

Ok, I'll be nice now...

27 April, 2010

41 Weeks - Part 2

Ok, appointment this morning... went well as always. 

Good news, the graduation is not as early as I was thinking. Is not until this weekend.. same time as the wedding really, so its just that day or so I really need to worry about (well few days since there's stuff for that around it).  On top of that, they do have a plan in place for it... My midwife isn't leaving until Friday and only if she hasn't heard from me... and has it all mapped out to get back asap if things start happening. Hopefully a non issue though. 

We also talked about what happens if I get past 42 weeks. I already kinda knew, but not when... If I make it to next Tuesday I'll be getting the ultrasound (basically) then, and we'll go from there. She explained how they measure it on a scale and what each would mean. Once again hopefully not an issue lol. 

Natural induction methods... I'm actually not comfortable with most of them. If we get past 42 weeks and Zavier doesn't pass the tests then we'll go there then, but def not before that.  I did let her do the pressure points thing with my check... mostly because Baba wants him out lol. Well that and I'm nervous about the whole weekend thing.  We'll see what happens though.  

I am dilated to a 4 now, so there is some improvement... and Zavier is still doing great. Apparently he takes after his sister and has a small head. I'm not complaining about that lol. 

Oh and tonight is a full moon, so crossing fingers here ;-) 

On a completely unrelated note... Remember that post about first two blog posts win a free tichel that I thought I had no chance of winning, but tried anyway? I got it.. and it came in today. So excited! I didn't pick the colour or anything, but it turned out to be one I love.  My first thought was how thin it is... but the colours work well to "fix" that when its folded... and that could be a really good thing in the summer. Wow this first pic isn't great lol... Kalila came up and said something as I was taking it lol.

And here's some pics of me & Kalila yesterday...

26 April, 2010

41 Weeks - Part 1

Two part post for this week because my appointment is tomorrow morning. More pics than anything this week I suppose.

I am starting to get nervous... Not because I'm 41 weeks and he's not here yet. That's fine... Not about giving birth... Just the fact that so much is going on this week that it could be a little crazy!

Remember me saying one of the apprentices is graduating? Everyone is going to that... I forgot to ask exactly what will happen if he decides to come then... Can and will ask tomorrow. I'm sure it will work out if it does, but still a little nervous about that.

Then... one of Baba's cousins is getting married on Saturday. And Aunt Sonia is in the wedding and has stuff to do for several stuff before connected to it... and of course the wedding itself. I have this fear of my water breaking while we're there lol. Luckily the bride's being really nice about it, but still... 

Although, still have to say if that does happen I'm holding to what I told Baba before... we can't leave before they cut the cake ;-)

Now on to pics and other 41 week randomness...

Here I am... Yes another of Baba's shirts. I'd say they're all that fit me anymore, but they don't either. :-/

Look Zavier has clothes! Maybe not many but I don't feel quite as bad about it as I did before.. he'll have something to wear lol. 

Sleepywrap! No haven't gotten our Franklin Goose order in... I actually had to cancel this off of the order and pick it up here because its just not gonna be in from them in time. Not their fault, its backordered and they're swamped from the promotion. No complaints at all...  I need to get this washed today. Oh and if you can't tell, I got the blue one... not red like the box lol.

And since I picked it up here I got a $10 gift cert in my bag (didn't even notice until we got home lol) to so I'm gonna look around on there and see if there's anything we want/need from there.  

Ok, I need to get dinner started (crockpot) and do a few things around here... so I'm off! Hopefully more news to come soon :-D

25 April, 2010

Not Again...

Yeah... zoo trip got moved again! 

No it didn't rain out... although it did rain last night.

No Zavier did not decide to come...

We headed over there and it was stinking packed. Like to the point that there were police there directing things. It was awful. We turned around and left lol. 

We are still planning to go. Obviously not until after Zavier's born at this point... I'm really looking forward to going whenever it is. 

And no complaints about today either. We got together w/ Tia Sallie & Uncle Brian again and had fun.. 

Oh and on a completely random note... Tomorrow I'll be one day shy of 41 weeks, exactly when Kalila was born... and like the night before she was born Baba has dance practice at the Church. Yes we've joked about it a few times. More than a few times. Who knows though... 

23 April, 2010

Getting Out

I wish I could say I had pics, but no... none from today. We had a really good day though.

Tia Sallie called this morning and said she was off and wanted to go out, wanted to know if we wanted to as well... So Kalila and I got ready and the three of us (later 4 since Uncle Brian joined us) had a great day. I couldn't believe it when we started back and it was around 6 lol. 

We started out w/ lunch... then headed over to BRU where we thought there was a sale... Not so much, but we did leave w/ a diaper bag (baby gift for Zavier from them). Very excited about it because we really needed a new one and this one is a lot sturdier. Not the cutest one there, another almost got picked because it was so adorable... but this one was a little bigger and we both liked how sturdy it seems to be. I just looked it up online and it has great reviews too.  Link for anyone interested lol.  We looked at the clothes too, but hardly any boy stuff and most of the boy stuff they had was awful. 

From there we went to the mall, met up w/ Uncle Brian... and looked at this baby store Tia Sallie had told us about awhile back. Really good prices... Like stuff for 2 and 3 dollars... and they split the store in half between boy & girl so there's actually a good selection of boy clothes! I didn't pick up much... but found a Batman set that I knew Baba would love, and a couple outfits for Sundays. I know he's gonna be in onsies a lot for awhile, but still... would like to have something for Church lol. Kalila made us all laugh by refusing to budge from the shoe section... Such a girl. 

Then we went and got food again... and Kalila jumped all over her uncle and just had a blast playing w/ him. Even gave him a kiss on the cheek at one point. Too cute. We talked for quite awhile before leaving. 

So now we're home... which just as much to do as before. Maybe a little more because of extra laundry lol. No complaints though. When I first came in I was so tired I wasn't sure how I was gonna get off of here, but I'm starting to get some energy back...  As long as Kalila doesn't insist on me laying down on her bedroom floor when I put her down in a bit, I should be good. 

Uh yeah... remember the week of being sick? Little miss got used to sleeping on the couch for the first part of the night (she was so miserable we didn't fight it and it helped us keep an eye on her) that she's been fighting us on her bed lately. So the past two nights I've ended up on her floor until she crashes. It works but at this point laying on the floor not so comfortable lol. Hopefully she'll do better tonight.

Yes Another...

Giveaway... from Mommy Saves Money. Eco Nuts this time.  

Here's the link to the blog post. 

Honestly I have never tried washing with these... am curious but the cost has stopped me. I do like the idea of them... esp for washing diapers. And one less thing to do around here (for awhile) after the baby comes would be nice so of course I'm entering this too lol. If any of you decides to enter too, good luck!

22 April, 2010

40 Week Appointment

Ok... Where to start? :-) 

We just had our 40 week appointment (tech a few days past, but is when we could get in).  Started off a bit... dramatic... because it was set for 9 am. I set my alarm set for 7 so I'd have time to get ready. Phone goes off (ringing, not alarm) and I look over to see it was just after 9!!!!!! Grabbed up my phone (the other one had rang & stopped) and called the Birth Center to make sure it wasn't them. It wasn't lol. Thankfully as close as we are we were still able to make it, if a little late. We jumped up, threw on clothes & out the door.

Normally we see one of our midwives & an apprentice for the appointments... but the one we were gonna see was w/ a new family who got there early. And... the "apprentice" we were seeing this week (we've seen 2, but this one has been at most of our appointments, the other only a couple) is actually finished w/ all her stuff, taking her test soon & graduating next week! Excited for her... Of course she made sure we were ok with it just being her for most of the appointment before we started... and we were. Very comfortable with her too. 

Not a whole lot to say about the appointment itself. 

I was hurting a bit when we went in... on one side. Wasn't really sure why, but we figured it out pretty quick when she felt my belly lol. Zavier had his feet pushed up there!   

My tests all came back good. They did show that I needed to eat (like I said, we ran straight there) and that I have been sick... which we all knew lol. Everything else was perfect.

I had my first VE... We debated having one last week, and I hadn't really planned too until the past few days. This morning on the way Baba & I talked to it & I explained why I was more comfortable having one now and actually could give reasons of why I wanted to know... So we did. Once again, everything is good. Prob not having him today or anything lol, but I am dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced. He's also very low & she could feel his head :-)  

And of course we got to hear his heartbeat... a little longer this time since he's past 40 weeks (which is fine, not overdue despite what some people think... Baba...). He did great, reacted to being moved and everything. All very cute. 

Kalila had fun too... Jumped up on the table as soon as we got there and had to have her "baby" checked first. Then she played with puppets, stuffed animals, and just showed off in general. Just about amazed me before we left by getting water from the cooler all by herself! 

Before we left we went over last minute questions.. most of which we've talked about before, like when to call or go in... but still nice to go over.  And in the middle of that our midwife (one of, we have 2) came in and we talked with her some too. It was nice. 

Scheduled appointment for next Tuesday. If we don't go in before lol. We'll see... 

Oh and thanks to Baba we have these... Much better than the 40 week pic I tried to get myself the other night lol.

The Trip...

Sorry, I know this was forever ago so I have prob forgotten half of it... 

We've been wanting to go down to visit my side of the family for quite awhile and finally managed it before it was too late for me to travel. Was an interesting trip down... we had to stop every hour or so. Not too unusual, we tend to do that anyway... but I definitely noticed we needed it this time. Unfortunately we learned the hard way that one of the stops is no longer open (therefor no bathroom) lol.  

We stopped off in FS first and visited w/ Granny & Nana... I wish I'd gotten pics w/ them but these were all we got. 


 Then we headed off to VH to see the others... Stayed the night there before heading back the next evening. Was nice visiting w/ everyone... Once again I wish I'd gotten more pics, esp when Kalila got to meet Grandma. But, these were all we got. :-(

Sorry, I wish I could say more... but its been over a month (at least) since we went. The trip back went well... We had a lot of fun. Looking forward to going back :-)

21 April, 2010

Catching Up....

Ok... so I know I'm really behind on pictures, some of them anyway, because they were trapped on my phone. Tired of waiting so grabbed the laptop and getting them all on now lol. 

Kalila's second haircut... She did so well!

I really don't remember what was going on here... was the week before Easter though and I just loved these.

When Kalila got into my makeup that day...

Since I had to get into Baba's phone for some other pics I needed... I found some more I have to share too!

Remember my embarrassing bench story?

Not my only embarrassing moment lately... Here I am stuck when I was trying to get out of the way while we installed our infant carseat.

The puppy Kalila fell in love with... 

Just random other cuteness, some of it I wasn't there for and seeing for the first time myself lol. 

Ok I'm done... for now :-)