04 March, 2010

What Came In

Like you don't already know lol. I am more than a little excited though.  Go figure I laid down on the couch for a second and started to drift off when the UPS guy knocked at the door. Prob good because I really don't need to nap right now. Well... right now I could use one, but still. 

As you can see there are quite a few things that came in the package. Obviously there's the cd's and workbooks (the main one and the partners book).. but there was also 
  •  an introductory letter w/ a bunch of info
  • an enrollment form & envelope
  • another sheet explain some key points to the program
  • a page  w/ foods listed w/ their protein counts
  • another with labouring positions
  • a sign to go on baby's bassinet (for hospital births) explaining that he's a nursing baby and instructions for that
  • another note to staff for how to assist a hypno-family
  • a sign for the door, nutrition log
  • sign up sheet for "Citizens for Midwifery" for those interested
  • a pamplet on prenatal perineal massage
  • pamphlet on midwives model of care (I've actually read this one before lol)
  • pamphlet on the rights of childbearing women
  • two cards... one listing additional cd's or mp3 tracks available (the one on turning a posterior baby caught my attention... if I can't get someone to turn soon I may look into that) and the other about how they're going green... the most interesting part of that being the cd tray being made of potato starch
  • Pen...
  • Oh and packing peanuts & bubble wrap.  I have to mention those because you know Kalila got a kick out of that... She picked up the peanuts I dropped and threw them away for me like the big girl she is now... and ran off w/ the bubble wrap popping away.
Yes I had to get pics of her w/ that... At first she was being camera shy, something I'm not used to... But I finally got a pic of her popping some lol. Got one of her drawing on the "green" flier while I filled out my form too.

Back on subject though... I've about got my enrollment form filled out. I still need Baba to sign it... and stuck on the question about if I have any concerns or fears about this pg/birth... I really can't think of any lol, which is a good thing (a great thing) but I feel like I probably do have some. Gonna give it some time and thought (which is easy since he has to sign it before we send it in and he's not home) before I put anything down. Also has a section on previous birth experiences that I'm not looking forward to answering. 

Skimmed through the partners guide too. I really wanted to get an idea of what Baba would have to read (how in depth, etc). Glad I did... I don't "think" he'll have any issues... or many anyway. And I got a good laugh at one point. Wasn't anything wrong, just a piece of advice... about not letting your gas get below 1/2 full during the last month. Common sense? Probably... I really hadn't thought about it.. but having run out of gas at one point not too long ago I got this mental image of me in labour on the side of the road or making an emergency stop at the gas station. I laughed so hard Kalila thought something was wrong and asked if I was ok.. 

Got the intro read too... Very much looking forward to getting into the actual lessons. Not sure if I'm gonna read through the first one tomorrow and then again with Baba Saturday, or just wait to read it with him Saturday. Decisions Decisions lol. 

I do think I'm gonna break out the affirmations cd today though. 


kim said...

she looks like such a big girl in those pics

Mama Kalila said...

Yup... :-)