14 March, 2010

Sunday Fun

I'll apologize now, there's gonna be several new posts in a row again lol. MPM is making a brief comeback tomorrow and I have an update planned too. But first today... 

Baba had something to do last night so we decided to go to Mass this morning. A little worried... but I knew he'd be in the cry room w/ me so that should help right? Yes & no lol. We got there a few minutes late (as always) and she sat down with us and behaved for the first little bit. Seriously sat there! Then she got distracted by the kids/babies and decided to walk around... but she still did really good. Didn't hit anyone, wasn't loud, wasn't fighting us... It was great. Then she found someone w/ food... Stole a goldfish and when she saw Baba coming to get her/it she hid under a chair and shoved it down her throat before he could. He got her out, brought her back and made her sit on his lap after that... and as you can imagine she fought that. A few minutes later she pointed towards the windows and said she wanted to go sit in there. Said she would behave. Surprised and honestly a little doubtful, but we took her in there... and she really did behave. Granted it was just before Communion, so it wasn't that long that we were in there, but still. Big improvement. Curious to see if we can sit inside again next week. We'll see.. 

After Mass (and the usual coffee/donuts lol) we went out to eat w/ Gido... That's when she started getting a little rowdy. We all ended up getting onto her several times for standing in the chair, putting her feet on the wall and putting feet on the table. :-/ 

From there back here to change and meet up w/ Tia Myra. We haven't gotten to see her in forever so that was nice even if it was short (pretty much same situation we're in when we head down there.. too much to do and too little time). 

Then onto the house... Baba and Gido did yard work, mowing and pulling weeds... all that fun stuff. I cleaned inside, the fridge & stove. Kalila was supposed to watch movies on the laptop, but I'm much happier w/ what really happened. She went back and forth helping the rest of us out. She carried weeds to the pile, she wiped down a few drawers on the fridge... picked some flowers and shamrocks too lol. And got to see a grub, was very excited about that. She did watch a little of one of the movies, but was outside most of the afternoon. I loved it... and so did she. Towards the end she did start getting a little fussy, but it was nice. I really enjoyed it. We're planning to go back on Tuesday when Baba's off again. Glad I have a day off in between though because I'm exhausted now. 


Holmes said...

Cute pictures--I guess this is a change of abode since we last talked?


MK said...

Yes sir it is. We haven't moved quite yet, but have been getting quite a bit done over there. :-)