19 March, 2010

So Tiny...

I'm a bit behind on my list... but so far I've gotten Zavier's clothes (not that it was very hard to do, poor thing lol) and his diapers washed.

The first load of clothes (I separated colours from whites) didn't really get me beyond being cute... There's one pair of newborn onsies in there, but most are for when he's a bit older. But the onsies and snap shirts (all gerber).. that load just got to me. We got a couple packs of newborn and the others in 0 to 3... and all of them are just so tiny!!! 

The diapers I washed were the ones my friend sent, all the infant size... and also seem so small. 

I plan on getting to his covers and carseat today. 

Covers? Yes we do have some small covers, I completely forgot about lol. Another friend passed along several wool covers quite awhile back. Very very good news since the ones we ordered from Amazon with those Swagbucks cards won't be in until April.  :-/  Hoping he isn't here yet before then, but just in case is nice to know he'll have something.  

Since Baba's off tomorrow I'm hoping the carseat cover will have dried by then & we can get it installed too. 


Molly said...

Hey honey! thanks for the invite, I'll be keeping an eye open and reading. Can't wait for the baby!

MK said...

Thanks, and me either (well I kinda can lol).

And.. Of course... Do you still have your blog? I haven't seen it in a long time, but I lost a bunch of the ones I used to follow...

Deborah said...

Thanks for the invite :)

I haven't yet started collecting clothes--I have the one-size diapers and a hooded towel, but I'm trying to hold off on collecting things until I'm back in the States. But neither of those is really as tiny as a newborn, so I don't think that has really registered yet.

Here's hoping Zavier is patient enough to wait until you've got all your laundry done, your Hypnobabies course and practice done, and all your other preparations done!

MK said...

Yw :-) I enjoy reading your blog.. Not gonna shut you out of mine lol.

Yeah, it took us a long time before we got anything for Zavier too.. and the amount of clothes he has now is almost embarrassing. Like maybe 5 outfits (and most larger sizes) and a good amount of the onsies, since those get dirty and changed so often.

I hope he holds out too. I'm starting to worry a little about that.