05 March, 2010

So Ready To Move!!!!!!!!!

Since my last post... its like I'm either trying to avoid a crisis or deal with one or something. I don't know. I can't even think of how to word this in a way that makes any kind of sense. 

Kalila's been fussy since Baba left. I expected it. She was upset at saying goodbye to her friend and Baba's leaving for work wasn't much after that. She barely even said goodbye because she was sulking in the dining room. 

Spent most of the day begging for ice cream... with a few stops to beg for candy, pop sickles  or lolly pops instead. Half of that we don't have at the moment in the first place... And even if we did not gonna happen because, for one I don't want her having that stuff too often and secondly... she barely ate lunch. Did good w/ her snack (2 peanut butter sandwiches) thankfully... but still. Dinner went better... she ate most of her food. Fought me the entire time, kept getting down from the table and acting up. But she still ate a good amount.  

Ran around torturing the cat.. Threw a thing of wipes at me (the kind we keep in the car). Tried to hit me more than a few times. Put a pair of my earrings in her mashed potatoes... And had more than a few cute moments too of course. Sang to me.. Told me she wanted to fly. We read. She insisted on putting on her Christmas dress, was so excited about it lol.  All that fun stuff. Not saying it was absolutely horrible, just... a handful. More like normal than yesterday was lol.

None of that would really be an issue... or mentionable... but at the same time I'z dealing with our apt complex. We've got a leak in the kitchen sink. I found it last night... and should have reported it first thing this morning... but it was so small that I was hoping I could get stuff caught up first. I was almost there so it made sense in my head. Yeah no... I went to do it earlier and the whole sink was backed up and there was water on the floor. Not good. Got it reported... unloaded the dishwasher, filled it back up (with unwashed dishes.. so still have to wash them before I can run it.. which prob wouldn't be a good idea right now anyway) and got things as good as they can be with a sink full of nasty water (seriously where did it come from, or do I even want to know???)... Took a few things into the bathroom and washed them in there... Uggh. I hate doing that. 

And of course while I was in there Little Miss followed me in, grabbed her bubble bath and ran out w/ out me seeing her... came back in w/ the lid off and told me she spilled it. Thankfully it wasn't too much of a mess, but at that point I wanted to pull my hair out! Time out. Afterwards she apologized and everything but was still upset about getting in trouble... said she needed me and climbed up in my lap... to fall asleep in seconds! At 6... just early enough that it worries me about tonight lol. I held her for a bit.. then got her transferred to the couch. Wasn't even gonna try her bed because I knew that would go badly. Got a few pictures...

And then got an email from Babu with sad news... decided to give him a call. While we were talking I thought Kalila woke up. She was crying and very upset. Looks more like a mild night terror though. First she kept saying "I.. I want... I... want". Then she told me "it's not yours". Thankfully she settled back down and is back asleep now.

And of course, despite saying the maintenance guy would be right over.. He hasn't come. My guess is it'll be tomorrow or the next day.

I really didn't intend to write another post today lol. I guess today was more a normal day than I thought this morning though. Really good, really bad, everything in between... That's pretty normal around here. Still happy about getting going this morning though. I'll take it :-D