19 March, 2010


Reasons I can't wait to move: 

Well there's the obvious reason... Zavier. I can't completely get ready for him here lol. 

  • She needs more room to play. 
  • She needs to be outside more. 
  • She loves it when we go and talks about it constantly.
 This place in general... 

  • We're cramped and its getting worse. 
  • Things are constantly breaking/going wrong and they refuse to fix it or take months/years to do so. 
    • We had one light (that we couldn't get to, is one of the few they have to change) that was out for over a year... when it finally got done they found that the apt above us had leaked and there was mold inside it. Note: we'd asked them about this constantly during that year they waited.
    • We have stuff finally fixed only for it to stop working almost immediately after
      • Our shower... has been fixed at least 3 times
      • Our sink the other day... I was right in the middle of dishes when it went out the first time. He "stopped the leak" only for me to find it still leaking the next morning. It was so bad that the door in front of the cabinet underneath is warped and fell apart.
  • Mold. I'm not even kidding it molds like crazy here... I keep TTO handy and have managed to conquer the bathroom but food doesn't last half as long as it should (esp bread).  It doesn't even matter what precautions you make either. 
  •  Carpet
    • Carpet & potty training don't mix
    • Apartment carpet is horrid to begin with.. For awhile I was doing good at working through the stains it had when we moved in, but now I'm just doing good to keep in clean and not add to them.
  • Management is just flat out rude
    • Every other apartment is allowed to set trash out until they can get to it, but the one who's 9 months pregnant is supposed to haul it all across the complex while dragging along a 2 year old (so either one handed or risk her running out in front of cars).
    • I was just told that we need to do our non renewal paperwork on April 1st - fine... I get not doing it after that, but no.. we're not allowed to do it before that either. So we have to be in there that exact date no matter what. ?????  Lets just hope they're open that date... half the time they close randomly.
    • We've gotten random eviction notices for nothing... thankfully not in a long long time, but its happened. 
    • Yesterday I was oh so nicely told that if I go into labour while Baba isn't here that they'll call an ambulance for me. Um... if I needed one, why wouldn't I just call one instead of calling them to call one? And why would I call an ambulance in the first place?  Ok so maybe that one wasn't as rude as it was just stupid. 
    • Half the issues w/ maintenance around here fall into this category too. We'll ask to fix something and they'll lose the request. We'll talk to maintenance and they'll lie and say that he said it wasn't broken (after he told us he'd have a new one brought in because it was). 
    • We bought a parking pass to a covered spot because by the time Baba gets off work he wouldn't have anywhere to park (people park here that shouldn't) and they refuse to take care of it when someone parks in our paid for spot.  Note: the one time Baba parked there in the middle of the night before he bought it because there were no spots they threatened to tow the truck. Us sure.. anyone else? Oh no... They can take it!
The new place in general
  • All of this is pretty much alluded to above, but...
    • actual floors
    • a yard
    • more space
    • closer to family
    • I could go on... but I'll be nice :-)
On the other hand, there are things I'm gonna miss/remember fondly about this place too. 
  • It was our first home
  • It's where we brought Kalila home
  • Most of Kalila's firsts happened here (and ours as well, anniversary, holidays, etc)
  • Random sweet stuff like that... 
So while we're having fun helping out at the other place, cleaning up and all that fun stuff (which really has been)... I will prob be a little sad when we leave here too. Mostly happy, but still lol. Not sad enough to be counting down the days until we move though! 

And yes I know this post was random... was just thinking about all we have to do, about what I want/need to be doing right now and would be if my back wasn't hurting and having to take breaks every 5 seconds from Zavier making it awkward to move. Yes, those are my only real pg complaints right now lol. Heartburn too, but at least the papaya things help with that... Is ok though... He's right where he needs to be and I know at some point I'm gonna miss it.  Anyways, was thinking about all that & wanted to mention a couple things on my mind and it just went from there...

Now that I've finished it not sure if I should post... Was planning to stick to non personal stuff for awhile because hormones + rude people = bad.  But I also don't like censoring my thoughts either... and as long as that list of issues w/ this place is, I still see this post as hopeful because I'm so excited about moving.. and I'm rambling at this point so I'll end here lol.


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Lelo and Stitch said...

Hey yo shouldn't hav to censur yourself.... it sucks that people are stupid and can't just use common curtesy and stupid crap... but you are wonderful, glad you are excited... I get being sad as well.

Mama Kalila said...

Abby - Thanks... Too tired to say anything else lol, but thanks.