21 March, 2010

Our Weekend

Gotta love weekends, having Baba off and all... 

Yesterday we planned to go over to the house and get some work done, but I wasn't feeling all that great. I have no idea why my back hurt so bad (you know besides the whole baby thing) but I could barely move. So I ended up relaxing a good deal of the day... Finally took a warm bath, and didn't want to get out for anything, right before Mass. We ended up rushing to get there on time since I thought we had more time lol. Oops.

Kalila did pretty good there this weekend. I think it would have been a little better if we hadn't been in the cry room, but we were late... and like I said, she did pretty good. A few issues but not many. 

After Mass we had a few groc to pick up... thankfully not many lol. Just a couple important things we forgot last week (I really need to get back on top of lists and stuff). While we were doing that Baba got a call from Tia Sallie & Uncle Bub. They were going out to eat and wanted to know if we'd join them...

So we did that... had a lot of fun unless you count me cutting my finger pretty badly on a crab shell. We laughed about it pretty good though cause I was having trouble with the rest after that and Tia Sallie ended up cracking the rest for me. They came over after that & the guys played video games while we talked and stuff. 

After they left Baba & I had our class stuff to do... ended up being pretty late when we finished. Good news is, not only are we half way through the class now... but we included the paperwork from the BC about that test into it & got a decision made. Makes me feel a lot better. 

I still had my track to listen too though... and I'm so glad I was at the one I was because Zavier started stretching out awkwardly and it really hurt, and the track helped a lot... 

Today... Well, none of us got a lot of sleep last night. Kalila ended up taking a short nap before lunch! We went out to eat w/ Gido... and then on to the house to get some work done. Honestly Baba & Gido did a lot more than I did. I did wipe down the fridge and oven again... but I was wiped out after that. I spent a good amount of the day just sitting outside w/ Kalila (or rather while she ran around) and also got some more ideas about what we'll do once its time to move, organizing wise and stuff. 

I do have a really cute story from today too, but it deserves a post of its own, plus I need to get the pics from Baba.