30 March, 2010

Our Budding Artist

I wish I had pictures of what happened this morning. Really I do... but no... sorry!

So Baba's off today... I got up and decided to take a shower while he messed around on his laptop and kept an eye on Kalila. After awhile I hear him say something and look out the shower curtain to see him leading her into the bathroom, holding onto her wrists with a slightly freaked out look on his face. She'd walked up to him with them covered in some powder he didn't recognize... My first thought is baking soda, the only thing that should be in reach (well shouldn't be, but happens from time to time) and she's gotten in it before. Note: We've discussed this w/ her pedi because she likes to eat the stuff. Apparently, like we thought, is not an issue. I still try to keep her from it, but... Anyways... On closer look the powder wasn't white. Confused, pretty close to worried, I took a big sniff of her hands... didn't have to really even get that close to do it before I realized exactly what she got into.  The garlic powder! 

Yes... our daughter somehow managed to get to the spices, grab a Sams size thing of garlic powder, and proceeded to dump it on the kitchen floor... Where she used it to draw in.  After getting her in the shower (while Baba discovered exactly what happened lol) I asked her if she ate any and she said yes that she likes garlic.  LOL  

On one hand glad it was just garlic... of course anything worse/dangerous is locked up in another room, but still. On the other hand... the mess... and smell... I like garlic too but I can't get away from it now lol. 

And because she just had to continue to be cute, I do have another short story to add in here. While I was washing her she got ahold of two loofa's (sp?) and pretended they were pompoms, waving them around and yelling "Yea! Mommy!" 


Christy said...

Oh, that is frustrating. We have a baby lock on our cupboard for this very reason.

MK said...

Ok, somehow I missed this before lol.

Yeah we need a lock on ours. Unfortunately they didn't work so well on these crappy cabinets. Def putting more in when we move though. We were just talking about which would need it the other day lol.