15 March, 2010

MPM - Irish Week

I'm not even gonna try to say that we're gonna keep up with this week to week right now. Hopefully after Zavier comes... But Baba wants Irish week again. He loved it last year... As you can see I'm even having trouble with this one. I may update it as I figure out how to fill in the blanks. We'll see.


B - Cereal


B - Irish Omelette
L - Corned Beef & Cabbage
D - Leftovers


L - Colcannon
D - Leftovers


L - Bubble & Squeak
D - Leftovers


L - Fish Pie & Champ
D - Leftovers


L - Leftovers
D - Irish Stew


B - Cereal (No Lucky Charms lol... Kalila will eat the marshmallows and leave the rest!)
L - Family
D - Leftovers

 showing off a shamrock she found :-)


Siné said...

Cooking Light had a bunch of Irish recipes in their March issue. I am pretty sure they post the recipes on their website. Have a wonderful week!

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks :-)

kim said...

too funny. sofia loves lucky charms. we do indulge a bit on the lucky charms now and

Mama Kalila said...

Yeah, we got some awhile back (pg craving)and she refused to eat anything but marshmallows so they're on the nono list here. I saw chocolate ones yesterday though & really wanted some, but Baba put his foot down.

sarad said...

why does your daughter always looks dirty and unkept, her face is always dirty, her hair uncombed, and your place messy the carpet so dirty.I would be ashamed of displaying such pics online.

Mama Kalila said...

Well in this picture she was outside playing, kids tend to get dirty when they do that... There are pics where she's messy at home too yes, because she's always eating and some of her cuter moments happen then, I have just as many on here of her perfectly clean. Her hair is always combed, even if it doesn't look like it. Is just the texture of it. Yes my place has been messy lately because I am 9 freaking months pregnant & behind on stuff, but my carpet is cleaned DAILY and looking through the pictures I can only see one where its even in there because I don't like having pics up if my place isn't exactly the way I want it so I don't know what you're talking about there.

And speaking of being ashamed, some people should be ashamed for being so freaking rude.

sabiwabi said...

wow are some piece of work.