29 March, 2010

Missed It...

Baba got to see a whole baby foot yesterday (or was it Sat)! I caught the heel but was at a bad angle and didn't see the little toes. So jealous lol. 

Yesterday was Palm Sunday... and just happened to be the week we normally go to Mass on Sunday instead of Sat. Was nice... We ended up standing outside w/ friends because it was so packed (was pretty full where we were too), but no complaints. I needed to move around so I kinda wanted to be out there. We did get a pic... actually one of our friends took a family pic of us. I wish I could put it up right now but its on Baba's phone! 

Tia Sallie took Kalila afterwards while we went to the WalMart. Poor Baba had to move about a hundred pounds of cat food to get to the kind we needed lol. Decided to price the excersize balls (for use as a birthing ball lol) while there and glad we did... 1/3 the price of the last one we looked at. Unfortunately the one thing we went for I'm not sure we got the right thing. I needed white chocolate chips and looking closer at the bag it looks like they might be vanilla chips. ???  I need to test them and see... not looking forward to it though. As is I got some vanilla flavoured calcium tablets the other day and thouroughly grossed myself out.

Came back here and got some stuff done. Tia Sallie helped us pack up some clothes... I ended up having to clean out the vacuum cleaner :-/  Baba got a few things moved over to the new place. We're not moving yet, but storing some stuff little by little. 

Remember those covers I mentioned? Well one had a snapped snap. :-( We decided to exchange it so we wouldn't risk Zavier scratching himself. The others were all fine though.. I really think it happened in the mail because it was the one in a seperate envelope instead of the box. I just got the replacement, is in good condition & I'm very happy. Kalila knew right away that it was Zavier's diaper and commented on it lol. 

A friend passed this link on yesterday. Time is almost up unfortunately, but such a good deal. I really thought I'd have a handful of things to review at most, but every time I look through the sections I find something else that we have tried... some that we got ourselves (the fact they have nursing and safety stuff on there really adds to that section lol) and some we were given as gifts and stuff. Its really adding up and we're really excited about it. One of my friends is already seeing hers being credited and I can't wait until mine does lol.

LOL trying to get Kalila to nap & she's telling me she needs to wake up and open her eyes.  

Ha I knew she was tired... didn't quite make it to her room though! 

Having trouble posting the pic so gonna publish and come back. And then I'm getting back to work for real lol.


Steph said...

Sorry I got the link to you so late! As soon as it was given to me I passed it on to you. Hope you get all your credits soon!

MK said...

Oh its no problem! I felt bad because I was trying to let others know and it was even later for them lol... but I got plenty done in the time I had. I stopped over a day before the deadline w/out going through all the pages because I felt bad about how high the total was getting. I still haven't gotten them all, but not worried either. I will say I'm looking forward to getting about to the half way mark though lol. As soon as we hit that we're placing an order.