09 March, 2010

Mini Update

Ok, just a few announcements lol.

I updated the About Me section. It now has a bit about the family as well... Not a huge amount, just a who's who type thing in case any one gets confused. I had fun with it anyway.

Avon is about to disappear from my blog... for good reason. It has not worked out. Sad about this? Yes. I was really hoping it would... but I literally made one sale, and because it was online and the only one I never got up to the amount that I can even get the money from it. Oh well. 

I realized the other day that I'm almost up to $50 in Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks. I know I've mentioned this site quite a few times lately, but really excited about that. 

Tomorrow is my 34 week appointment (I actually hit 34 weeks today as you can see from my counter thing). I'm really looking forward to it and will have another update then. One of several reasons I'm gonna end this soon lol.

And before I go, a few pictures that I haven't gotten to put up lately.