01 March, 2010

Mini Update

If you didn't read yesterday's post, this does have something to do with it so... yeah.

I got the Go Baby Go thing figured out. Baba still wasn't a ton of help, but... sounding board lol. We decided on the OS cover and some rash cream. Can always use that lol. Now where he really did come in with the decision was the colour choice on the cover... My first choice was/is out of stock & second one... well not the most boyish colour (although I've heard its considered one in Canada). So I asked Baba and he oked it... said it didn't matter since its a diaper... as long as its not pink. LOL

Beyond that... He made a very sweet comment. I was working on the Swagbucks thing last night. Usually I stick to searching, hoping I find a code or whatever... but when I have time I try to do a task as well... because it really does help out & while it is tedious... it adds up. Anyways, I was doing one of those and Baba commented on how he appreciates me doing that & about how it does help out. It made me feel good.

I got my course ordered... Still nervous about shipping times. Praying it comes quickly... and that Zavier holds out until his due date or later. 
ETA - I just got the email that it's been shipped... and that it can take 3 to 7 days. I was thinking 4 to 7 so this is actually kind of reassuring. Of sorts lol. I'm hoping its on the earlier end. 

Completely random but odd/funny.  While I was pg w/ Kalila Baba was playing on SIMS and had made our characters... and at one point in the pregnancy my character got pregnant. We ended up having a little girl in the game. I remember thinking how cute it was and was glad it turned out to be a girl like in real life.  Well he picked up the game again recently... made us again... and last night my character got pregnant again. Apparently I had a home birth this morning (not really, its not that involved, but I joked about it since I went into labour in the bedroom and the baby showed up w/out going anywhere.. I'm sure that happened last time too, I just didn't see it) and it was a little boy. I know its a coincidence but still kinda cool. 

Got another video today. This time of Zavier. Not very long, but I got a few kicks in. In case you're wondering, the conversation w/ Kalila was because she spilled Sprite all over me (yes I was being bad... tummy didn't feel so hot earlier so I was trying to settle it). Knocked into my hand on purpose & it went everywhere... Mama not happy lol. 

A few pics... I know I look awful, but figured I'd get a 33 week shot. Yes I'm wearing one of Baba's shirts. I pretty much have to at this point lol. Have few that still fit.

Kalila's on the other hand were adorable. She was really getting into them. As you can tell she just finished lunch & I hadn't had a chance to clean her up yet lol. And the pony tail... She insisted on it this morning. Just like that. Is goofy looking but kinda cute. And yes... Barbie needs clothes.


Going back to the whole shirt fitting comment. I forgot something last night that I meant to share. Was both funny and slightly embarrassing. After Mass we had the luncheon and Tia Sallie showed up. We were sitting there talking and I looked down to find that my shirt had popped open. Like all the bottom buttons... Good thing I was wearing a tank underneath!

Just got an email that the Zoo here is doing a trip to Tanzania next fall.  Just had an "awwww" moment lol. Had to tease Baba though, fwded it on asking if he thinks we can win the lottery by then.

Just talked to Granny & found out she's looking at getting a laptop. I'm so excited. I'll get to send her pics and stuff now lol. 

Enjoying Kalila cuddling up on me right now, but I really should get back to work around here. Think she'll help out today?