22 March, 2010

Mini Kiswahili Lessons..

Doing housework around here (esp if I need to get serious) often involves music being put on... Today it was my Youtube playlist, which has several Kiswahili songs. I hadn't listened to it in awhile so I'd forgotten just how many. At first it was a religious song (Cha Kutumaini), there was a bilingual one a min ago and now I'm listening to Mr. Ebbo... makes me smile & Kalila is running around dancing like crazy at the moment. Apparently she likes Mr. Ebbo too! 

Anyways, point being - the first song was on... and Kalila walked up to me and said "I like upendo". Now I'm sure that word is in there somewhere, I don't remember and wasn't really paying attention at the moment, so it really caught me off guard. I told her what it means (love) and she said something about it being I love you, so I tried to teach her that one too... and she got so tongue twisted. It was adorable! I wish I'd gotten it on video.  

Ok, back to work :-)


Mistika said...

When is your exact due date?
Please keep me posted!
this is my email
Thanks and good luck!
I can not wait to see pics

Steph said...

Very cute! :)

MK said...

Mistika - Already emailed, but.. April 19th

Steph - Thanks