02 March, 2010

Just Cute

Kalila just told me that a butterfly comes out of a cocoon. Took her a few tries to say cocoon correctly (kept shortening it), but still. Too cute. 

On similar notes... 

She's taken to coming up and saying she has a question. "I have a question for yooooooou" lol. Sometimes the question she follows with makes no sense. Today's did. She asked Baba if she's getting presents on her birthday lol. Then she asked about a cake. 

Last night she also told me about Grandpa making her bracelet. Something that did happen on the trip I haven't been able to post about. Its been over a week since then and she hadn't mentioned it until last night, but she was very excited about it. 

We worked with her sticker book again yesterday. Now... this book is way above her age level so I'm hesitant to use it. She loves the stickers though and some pages don't require reading skills, just arranging pictures so we're sticking to those. I opened up a few that did involve putting things in specific places yesterday though & she did great until she got tired lol.  A couple of them I know she was using matching (colour and shape) more than the book intended, but still... It was fun to watch her, see what she would do with it. And the type of stickers/pages it has I can always move them and have her do it again when she's older. 

Apparently she really does want to be a doctor (for now anyway, I'm sure her profession choice will change 5 million times before she grows up just like mine did lol).  She knows the whole midwife thing too (obviously) but the other day she told me that she needed to cut the baby out. Not quite sure where she got that from :-/ . She's seen both kinds of birth on tv, but its been a long time... I've been avoiding them lately, for my sake not hers lol... they've taken off the good ones and only show emergency ones or ones that are treated as if they're one. Granny said she saw a good one yesterday, a home water birth... but by the time we changed the channel it was over :-(  Oh well. Anyways, point being Kalila's saying that was completely random lol. 

I know there's more, but... I don't want a long post. And these are the only ones I can think of at the moment anyway.


kim said...

she seems really smart and cute

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks :-) I think so lol.