18 March, 2010

Hypnobabies Week 2

Not gonna write a lot, but since week 2 is drawing to a close thought I'd write a little bit. 

First off I am noticing a pattern here. By the time Thursday comes around (remember I'm starting each new week on Friday) I am itching to read ahead. So far I've been good and not done that. Although I guess starting on Friday is tech doing it of sorts since Baba & I are reading it together on Saturdays. 

Beyond that, the classes are going good. This weeks reading was really interesting. I learned a lot... I think what stands out most is the whole Splenda thing. We couldn't figure out why on earth something made of sugar would give me the reaction that it does, but apparently they something to it (can't remember what exactly at the moment, the info's not right in front of me). There are others with reactions too, mine wasn't listed... but still. Makes sense now. And if you're wondering how that works into the classes, this week had a bunch of nutrition stuff :-). 

I also had a little more practice work this week... nothing that's not doable or takes a lot of time or anything, but its still been interesting finding the time (and space) to do it. 

So yeah, that's my second week.. just 3 more to go (and then I can give a big sigh of relief lol).